Main Menu

The main menu runs across the top of every module.

Each menu item has submenu items. You must click onto a menu item because Window F10 functionality is disabled in Open Dental.

Log Off:

Log the current user off of Open Dental. See Security to set up user groups, users, passwords, and permissions.


User Password (Change Password). Email Settings, Other Settings (Logging On and Off), Printers, Graphics, Choose Database. Exit closes Open Dental.


Most setup options require the Setup Permission to access. Some submenu items are divided into categories.

Appointments: Appt Preferences, Appointment Field Defs, Appointment Rules, Appointment Types, Appointment Views, Insurance Verification, Operatories, Recall, Recall Types.

Family/Insurance: Family Preferences, Claim Forms, Clearinghouses, Insurance Categories, Insurance Filing Codes, Patient Field Defs, Payer IDs.

Account: Account Preferences

Treat'Plan: Treat'Plan Preferences

Chart: Chart Preferences, EHR, Procedure Buttons

Images: Image Preferences, Imaging Quality.

Manage: Manage Preferences, Email, Messaging, Messaging Buttons, Time Cards.

Advanced Setup: Computers, Generic HL7, FHIR, Replication, Show Features.

Security Setup: Security Settings, Add User.

Others: Alert Categories, Auto Codes, Automation, Auto Notes, Data Paths, Definitions, Dental Schools, Display Fields, Fee Schedules, Laboratories, Miscellaneous, Module Preferences, Ortho, Practice, Program Links, Quick Paste Notes, Reports, Requirements Needed, Schedules, Sheets, Spell Check, Tasks.

Obsolete: Letters, Questionnaire.


A central location to manage master lists.

Procedure Codes, Allergies, Clinics, Contacts, Counties, Discount Plans, Dental School Classes, Dental School Courses, Employees, Employers, Insurance Carriers, Insurance Plans, Dental Lab Cases, Medications, Pharmacies, Problems, Providers, Prescriptions, Referrals, State Abbreviations, Sites, Zip Codes.


Standard, Graphic, User Query (Released Queries), Unfinalized Payments



Most tools require the Setup Permission to access.

Print Screen Tool, Misc Tools (see below), Aging, Audit Trail, Auto Ortho Tool, Billing/Finance Charges, CC Recurring Charges, Database Maintenance, Evaluations, Kiosk, Kiosk Manager, Mobile Synch, Online Patient Payments, Public Health Screening, Repeating Charges, Setup Wizard, Student Requirements, Web Forms, Wiki, XWeb Transactions

Misc Tools: Auto-Close Payment Plans, Clear Duplicate Blockouts, Database Maintenance Pat, Create A to Z Folder, Merge Medications, Merge Patients, Merge Providers, Merge Referrals, Move Subscribers, Service Manager, Procedure Lock Tool, Shutdown Workstations, Telephone Numbers, and Test Latency.


Only shows if Clinics is turned on in Show Features. Use the menu to select the default clinic interface. Options available depend on security settings and the logged-on user.


Mobile Web, Patient Portal, Texting, Web Sched, eReminder, eConfirmations, Misc, eConnector Service


Alerts, Pending Online Payments.


Online Support: Go to Open Dental's Contact page where you can connect to a support technician for assistance and troubleshooting.

Online Help - Contents: Open the User Manual Table of Contents.

Online Help - Index: Opens the User Manual Search page.

Training Videos: Opens the Webinars and Tutorials web page.

Remote Support with Code: Enter Session Code to remotely connect with Open Dental. Session Code is provided by technical support.

Request Features: Open the Feature Requests system.

Update: Check for and download new versions of Open Dental. See Updating Open Dental Versions.

About: Open the Open Dental About Window.