Display Fields

Customize which fields of information show in various areas, field size, and the order in which they show.

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Display Fields.


A/R Manager Excluded Grid: For Transworld Systems (TSI) users only. Determines the columns in the TSI A/R Manager for excluded accounts. See TSI Collections.

A/R Manager Sent Grid: For TSI users only. Determines the columns in the TSI A/R Manager for sent accounts grid.

A/R Manager Unsent Grid: For TSI users only. Determines the columns in the TSI A/R Manager for unsent accounts grid.

Account Module: Columns in the Account Module, Patient Account grid.

Account Patient Information: Determines if a patient information area displays in the Account Module, and the fields that show. This area does not show at all if no fields are listed under Fields Showing.

Appointment Bubble: Information that shows in the popup bubble when hovering over an appointment in the schedule.

Appointment Edit: Columns in the Procedures on this Appointment grid in the Edit Appointment.

Chart Patient Information: Fields in the Chart Module, Patient Info area.

Family Recall Grid:Columns in the Family Module, Recall grid.

Limited Custom Statement: Columns in the Limited (Custom) Statement, Limited Statement Select window.

Ortho Chart: Columns in the lower grid of the Ortho Chart window. This setup is different than other display fields. See Ortho Chart.

Outstanding Ins Report: Columns in the Outstanding Insurance Claims Report.

Patient Information: Rows in the Family Module, Patient Information area.

Patient Search: Determines fields available in the Central Enterprise Management Tool ( CEMT ).

Patient Select: Columns in the Select Patient grid.

Planned Appointment Edit: Columns available in the Edit Planned Appointment window.

Procedure Group Note: Columns in the Procedures List when adding a Procedure Group Note.

Recall List: Columns in the Recall List.

Statement Main Grid: Columns in the StatementMain grid when Statement Layout.

Treatment Plan Module: Columns in the Treatment Plan Module, Procedures list, on saved and printed Treatment Plans, and in the TreatPlanMain grid: Treatment Plan Layout.

Chart Module progress notes can be customized using the Show tab.

Double-click a category to customize the information that shows.

Select which fields to show by moving fields between Available Fields and Fields Showing. Highlight the fields then click the left or right arrows in the middle of the window.

Double-click on a Fields Showing field to change its properties.

To change the order of fields, click the Up / Down arrows.

Available Fields

Most fields that list under Available fields are self explanatory. Below are a few that need additional explanation.