Spell Check

Right Click Text Box throughout the program have spell checking built in. Words flagged as possible misspellings are underlined in red. When you see a red underlined word, right click on it.

Select the appropriate action: replace the word with a Hunspell generated suggestion, add it to the custom dictionary, or disable spell checking. If Disable Spell Check is selected, spell checking will remain disabled for the entire office until a user with the Security permission for Setup enables the Spell Check option.

Add to Dictionary

In addition to a built-in dictionary, there is a custom dictionary for storing common abbreviations or words that may not be recognized by Hunspell. The custom dictionary is stored in the database and shared, so it is available on every computer in the office.

To manage the custom dictionary, in the Main Menu, click Setup, Spell Check.

You can enable/disable the spell check feature, add or remove words from the list, or modify an existing word. To modify a word, double click on it.

Technical Details

We make use of the open source Hunspell spell checker and morphological analyzer. Hunspell is the spell checker of LibreOffice, OpenOffice.org, Mozilla Firefox3&Thunderbird, and GoogleChrome as well as other proprietary software packages.