Setting up security for the Open Dental program will help protect patient data and track user access. This is an important component of a security plan as well as a requirement for HIPAA compliance.

Webinar: Security and User Permissions

General security setup steps:

  1. Set Global Security Settings. from Main Menu, click Setup and Security Settings.
  2. Set up employees in the Employees. (Optional. Only required if using time cards).
  3. Set up providers in the Providers. (Optional. Only required if sending claims).
  4. Create User Groups.
  5. Create User Security.
  6. Assign Security Permissions. For a list of all permissions and what they control, see Security Permission Details.
  7. Have each user sign in and update their password. See Change Password.

Also see:

Track Authorized Use of Open Dental

In version 14.3 and greater, every time a user logs in, logs off or closes Open Dental, a log is created in the Audit Trail. Another option is to use the Windows audit feature. Set up Windows so that each user is required to log in separately, then use the Security Log to view valid and invalid log attempts. To view the Windows audit log go to My Computer, right-click and choose Manage, expand Event Viewer, expand Windows Logs, left-click on the Security log.