Site List

In the Main Menu, click Lists, Sites.

The Site List is a list of sites used in Public Health and by mobile clinics to track grade schools, nursing homes, etc. Sites can be assigned to patients and to procedures (Procedure - Misc Tab). If you assign a site to a patient, it will automatically be assigned to all the patient's future procedures. Changing a site will not affect previous procedures. In Miscellaneous Setup, there is an option to show the site in the main title bar of Open Dental.

Sites is only available when Public Health is enabled in Show Features.

Sites should not be used to track fixed location dental offices. Use Clinics instead. Clinics and sites can be used together. For example, if you have multiple mobile units, each mobile unit would be a clinic, and each location where they park to provide treatment would be a site.

Click Add or double-click an existing site to edit.

Description: Enter the site name.

Place of Service: Click the dropdown to select the default place of service on claims when this site is associated to a procedure (see Claim).

Provider: Click the dropdown or [...] to select a provider. Click None to clear a selection. This provider determines the NPI number that is sent in 5010 dental e-claims when this site is associated to a procedure on the claim. To send the site's NPI number, first create a provider for the site, mark it as 'not a person', then assign it to the site.

Address, City, St, Zip: Enter the site's address, city, state and zip.

Notes: Enter any site notes.

To send the site's place of service, NPI#, and address on claims?

  1. Create a provider that is not a person and for NPI enter the site's NPI.
  2. For the site: Assign the provider as the default provider. Set the default place of service (not office). Enter the site's address.
  3. Assign the site to at least one procedure (Procedure - Misc Tab).
  4. Create the claim.

Technical Details

The site table replaces the earlier school table, most notably in the patient. Grade School field, which is now patient. SiteNum and is an int foreign key rather than a text field.

Note: For 5010 dental e-claims, the place of service on the claim cannot be office and the site provider cannot be the same as the billing provider.