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Web Forms Feature

Web Forms are an eService that allows a patient to fill out and submit forms online using any online browser.

Watch our videos: Web Forms Webinar & Mobile Web Forms

  • PatientForm and MedicalHistory Sheet Types can be set up as Web Forms. Examples:
    • Patient registration forms
    • Medical histories
    • Financial and HIPAA agreements
  • Patients can fill out forms using a link you provide them.
  • Forms are matched to existing patients and can easily be attached to a patient if no match is found.
  • Data entered on forms can be Imported.

Getting Started

The Web Forms feature is available at no additional fee for practices on support with a unique, active registration key. There are two options to create a Web Form:

Once your form has been created as a Sheet, add the sheet to Available Web Forms in Web Form Setup and construct a URL.

How it Works

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