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Web Forms Feature

Web Forms are an eService that allows a patient to fill out and submit forms online using any online browser.

Watch our videos: Web Forms Webinar & Mobile Web Forms

  • PatientForm and MedicalHistory Sheet Types can be set up as Web Forms. Examples:
    • Patient registration forms
    • Medical histories
    • Financial and HIPAA agreements
  • Patients can fill out forms using a link you provide them.
  • Forms are matched to existing patients and can easily be attached to a patient if no match is found.
  • Data entered on forms can be Imported.

Getting Started

The Web Forms feature is available at no additional fee for practices on support with an active registration key. There are two options to create a Web Form:

Once your form has been created as a Sheet, add the sheet to Available Web Forms in Web Form Setup and construct a URL.

How it Works

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