ASAP Message Setup

On the ASAP List Setup window, you can customize the text and email messages sent to patients about available openings. Messages can be customized per clinic.

  1. In the ASAP List, click Settings in the upper left.
  2. Clinics: Select the Clinics the message is for. You can customize messages for each clinic, or use the same message for all or some clinics.
    • Default messages: Select Default as the clinic, then customize the messages. To use the default rule for a clinic, select the clinic, then check Use Defaults.
    • Clinic-specific message: Select the clinic, uncheck Use Defaults, then customize the messages.
  3. Double click a message to edit it.
    • Text Manual: The default text message when you click Text from the ASAP List.
    • Web Sched Text: The default message when sending a Web Sched ASAP text message.
    • Web Sched Email Body: The default body text when sending a Web Sched ASAP email.
    • Web Sched Email Subject: The default subject when sending a Web Sched ASAP email.

      To insert data from the database into the message text, use Template Replacement Tags.
      • [NameF]: Patient's first name.
      • [Date]: The date of the available appointment.
      • [Time]: The start time of the available appointment.
      • [OfficeName]: The name of the practice or clinic.
      • [OfficePhone]: The phone number of the practice or clinic.
      • [ASAPURL]: Add a URL link the patient can click to schedule the appointment (Web Sched ASAP messages only).
  4. Maximum number of texts to send to a patient in a day via Web Sched: Limit the total number of Web Sched text messages that can be sent to a patient per day. Defaults to 2.
  5. Click Close to save settings.

Note: Once a patient successfully books an online Web Sched ASAP appointment, you can optionally send them an automated notification of appointment details. See Web Sched Notify Setup.