ASAP Message Setup

On the ASAP List Setup window, you can customize the text and email messages sent to patients about available openings.

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Appointments, ASAP List.

Alternatively, in the ASAP List, at the upper left, click Settings.

Clinics: Select the Clinics the message is for. You can customize messages for each clinic, or use the same message for all or some clinics.

Double-click a message to edit it.

Note: Message types that support HTML formatting will open the HTML Email editor. Raw HTML is not supported for Recall messages.

Maximum number of texts to send to a patient in a day via Web Sched: Limit the total number of Web Sched text messages that can be sent to a patient per day. Defaults to 2.

Prompt user to send Web Sched message to patients on ASAP list when an appointment is broken: Determines whether user is prompted to message patients on the ASAP list about the opening. Regardless of the setting selected, the prompt will not appear if the appointment time starts within the next 20 minutes.

Click Close to save settings.

Note: Once a patient successfully books an online Web Sched ASAP appointment, you can optionally send them an automated notification of appointment details. See Web Sched Notify Setup.