Dental Schools

Open Dental works well in large dental schools or dental hygiene schools.

To turn on dental school features, in the Main Menu, click Setup, Advanced Setup, Show Features. Check the box for Dental Schools.

Setup Steps:

  1. Set up Dental School Classes
  2. Set up Dental School Courses
  3. In Security:
    1. Create User Groups for students and instructors.
    2. Set Dental School Setup.
    3. Set up user names and passwords.
  4. Add Dental School Students, Dental School Instructors and other Dental School Providers.
  5. Add, copy, and manage course Dental School Requirements Needed.
  6. Set up Dental School Grading Scales and Dental Student Evaluations.


Also See:

Note: The option Only show operatories for scheduled providers in Appointment Views may be useful for dental schools. It allows you to dynamically change the day's view based on scheduled providers.