Auto Notes

Auto Notes are templates used to insert frequently-used large notes (e.g., for hygiene, root canals, materials, anesthetic, post-op instructions, etc.).

Place cursor in a Procedure Note box. Above the box, click Auto Note.

Alternatively, Auto Notes can be added by clicking the Auto Notes button or right-clicking supported text boxes in various windows throughout Open Dental.

Auto notes can also be used when adding notes in ODTouch.

In addition to static text, prompts can offer a selection of responses or the ability to enter text. Create or edit Auto Note templates in Auto Note Setup.

Note: Auto notes can be easier if a provider prefers to use one note for an entire visit rather than a separate note for each procedure. In addition to the normal procedures for the day, there is a clinical note, which is just a procedure with a code that is not an ADA code. For example, Zclin. Leave the default notes blank, and use Auto Notes to compose a single clinical note.

When Auto Notes are supported in a text box, an Auto Note button appears above or below the text box.

Auto Notes can be grouped by category (folder). Click + to expand a folder tree. Auto Notes have a paper icon.

Double-click the Auto Note to insert. The text of the note displays in the text box. Any prompts in the Auto Note are presented in sequence.

For each prompt, select the response or enter text.

Once all prompts have a response, the Compose Auto Note window remains open with the full text of the note on the right.

Editing Auto Note in Progress

Prompts left unanswered can be completed later on. Simply return to the note and select the Edit Auto Note button. The Auto Note resumes at the prompt where it was initially skipped. Button appears on Procedure Notes, Commlogs, and Tasks when available.