Mount Definitions

A mount is a collage of multiple images or radiographs that can be viewed together.

In the Main Menu click Setup, Images, Mounts.

Mount Defs that are created here are templates. They will be available in the top toolbar of the Imaging Module. Once you pick a Mount Def from that toolbar, a new Mount will be created for that patient with a layout based on the Mount Def template.

Add: Click to add a new Mount Def.

Up/Down: Click to re-order the list.

Click Add to create a new Mount Def, or double-click to edit an existing Mount Def.

Generate Mount

If adding a new Mount Def, you will start by generating a layout from one of the built-in templates. These will serve most purposes or can be a starting point for a similar Mount Def.

Type: Options include FMX, 4BW, or Photos 3x2.

Item Width: The width of one image.

Item Height: The height of one image.

Generate: Click to generate the Mount Def.

Edit Mount Def

Highlight an item, then click and drag to move it.

Double-click an item to edit the size. Alter the X and Y position, as well as the width and height. Click OK to save.

Click OK on the Mount Def when finished. Click Delete to remove it from the Mount list.