Appointment Views

In the Appointments Module, on the right, under the pinboard, is the Appointment View dropdown.

Appointment views determine which operatories, providers, and appointment information will show in the Appointments Module. They also determine the default start time when Open Dental is launched. Multiple views can be set up with any combination of operatories, providers, and patient or appointment information.

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Select the appointment view using the View dropdown on the right side of the Appointments module or press an associated function key (F1, F2, etc.) across the top of your keyboard.

The appointment schedule will immediately change to reflect the appointment view settings.

Appointment view examples:

When using Clinics, changing the clinic in the main menu will change the appointment view.

The default appointment view when a user logs on will follow this logic in this order:

  1. The same view active the last time the user logged out.
  2. The view last active on the workstation.
  3. The first available view that is not none.
  4. If no other views, the none view.

Note: To indicate open/close times on the schedule, see Schedule Setup.

Questions & Answers

Question: I use clinics. When I updated to version 15.1(or greater) some of my appointment views disappeared? What happened?

Answer: During the update, any appointment views associated with a clinic (only show operatories for provider box checked) were assigned to the clinic. This changed how a view is accessed.

Question: I use clinics. When I updated to version 15.1 (or greater), some operatories disappeared from the appointment view. Why?

Answer: In version 15.1, an clinic-specific appointment view can only include operatories that are also assigned to the clinic. During the update, any operatories in an clinic-specific appointment view that were not assigned to the same clinic were dropped from the view. To include them, assign the operatories to the clinic in Operatories, then add them to the appointment view.