Email Setup

To utilize email features in Open Dental, set up Email Addresses.

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Manage, Email.

Alternatively, in the Email Client, in the top menu, click Setup.

Each clinic can be assigned one outgoing email address. Add the clinic email address here, then assign it in the Clinic Edit window. Clinic email addresses must be assigned in Clinic Edit if using eServices that utilize email.

Email Addresses: A list of email addresses that can be used by all staff members (e.g. general practice, clinic, or group email addresses).

Double-click to Edit Email Address.

Set Default: Set the selected email address as the From email address for outgoing emails. If an email address is assigned to the Clinic, this is used instead. If the logged-in user is assigned an email address this is used instead of the default or Clinic email.

WebMail Notify: Set the selected email address as the From email address for WebMail notifications to patients.

Note: Default and WebMail Notify email addresses are required for eServices to function correctly.

Add: Add a new email address that can be used by all staff members.

Inbox Receive Interval: Set the time, in minutes, to automatically check for and download new emails using Open Dental Service. Five minutes is the default.

Include Opt-Out Statement: Determines if an opt-out statement is included in all eService emails. The statement includes Practice or the patient's assigned Clinic address and instructions about how to unsubscribe from eService emails (see example below).

This email has been sent to you from:
North Clinic
123 Walrus Way
Portland, OR 97338.

How to unsubscribe:
If you no longer want to receive any email messages from us, simply reply to this email with the word "unsubscribe" in the subject line.

  • When a patient emails a response to unsubscribe, they are not automatically removed from an eService email list. To stop sending them eService emails, remove their email address on Edit Patient Information.
  • If a patient has unsubscribed from eService emails, their email address must be manually entered for future non-eService emails..

See Email Errors for detailed information on potential errors.