Patient Fields

Custom patient fields are fields that can be added to various areas of the program.

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Family/Insurance, Patient Field Defs.

Custom Patient Fields can show in several areas including:

Use the Up and Down arrows to reorder Patient Field Defs. Click Add to create a new field.

Display patient fields that have been renamed or hidden:

Add or Edit Patient Fields

Click Add or double-click an existing field to edit.

Field Name: Enter the field label.

Note: Data entered in a patient field is tied to the field name. If editing a patient field name, any data already entered in the field is hidden, and essentially a new field is created. To view data tied to the original field name, revert to the original name, or create a new field with the same name.

Field Type: Select the type of field.

Hidden: Patient field defs in use cannot be deleted. Check to hide them instead.

Location of the Patient Field

Custom patient fields can be available to display in all patient information areas (Chart, Account, Family, Ortho Chart), or you can set patient fields to only be available for specific patient information areas.

To display patient fields in the Family, Account, and Chart Module patient information areas, add the PatFields to the corresponding Display Fields category.

On the Patient Field Defs window, click Setup to open the Field Display window.

Field Location: Click the dropdown to select the location. Options include:

Visible vs Hidden Fields: Determine which fields should be visible and which should be hidden. To move a field to a different grid, highlight it, then click the right/left arrow.

Patient Field Defs that are not in use or fields in use (i.e., a value has been entered into the field) but not added to an appointment view can be hidden. Fields in use and added to an appointment view cannot be hidden; a warning displays when attempting to hide these fields.

Using Patient Fields

To enter data into a patient field, double-click the field.

Options vary depending on the Field Type and setup.

Auto Note: This button is only available for Text Field Types in the Ortho Chart. Click to enter an Auto Notes.

Click OK after selecting or entering informating to save.