Imaging Devices

Add sensors to be used with the Capture button in the Imaging Module.

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Imaging, Devices.

Click Add to add a new device, or double-click a device to edit.


If errors or issues occur with an imaging device, it is useful to narrow down where the issue is originating.

If issues occur, start by downloading the third-party application, Twacker . Twacker allows users to test the TWAIN drivers on the workstation outside of Open Dental. If the same errors occur when utilizing the Twacker application, then the issue lies with the device or the device driver. When this happens, we recommend reinstalling the device driver. If the device driver is still problematic, reach out to an IT Professional or the device manufacturer to determine the cause.

If the issue does not occur within Twacker, but continues to occur in Open Dental, contact Open Dental Support for troubleshooting assistance.