Prescription List

Use the prescription list to create templates for prescriptions that your practice commonly writes. The template can include dosage, refills allowed, notes, and drug interaction alerts based on medications, problems, and/or allergies. Templates can be freely deleted or changed without changing any patient data. You can also write prescriptions that are not in this list, so you do not need to add every possible prescription.

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  1. In the Main Menu, click Lists, Prescriptions.

    Do not copy the above list for your own use without properly researching each item.

  2. (optional) Check Procedure code required on some prescriptions to enable the preference behavior. See Paper Prescriptions / New Rx, Procedure Code Required on Prescriptions for detailed instructions
  3. Click Add New to create a new prescription. To copy an existing template, select the prescription, then click Duplicate.
  4. Enter the prescription details.
    • Drug: The name of the drug.
    • Controlled Substance: Check this box to display the provider's DEA# on the printed prescription.
    • Is Proc Required: Check this box to enable this preference automatically on the Edit Rx every time this drug is prescribed. See Paper Prescriptions / New Rx. Useful for states that require a procedure code on prescriptions.
    • Sig: Directions for the preparation and use of the drug.
    • Disp: How much of the drug to dispense (e.g. how many tablets, volume).
    • Refills: Number of refills allowed.
    • RxNorm: Click [...] to select a normalized RxNorms drug name.
    • Notes: This is only for your use and not designed to go on the patient prescription.
  5. (optional) Create interaction alerts based on problems, medications, and/or allergies. The alert will trigger if a patient has the problem, medication or allergy and you write a prescription using this template. See Drug Interaction Alerts.
  6. Click OK to save.