Lab Cases

Manage and track the status of existing Lab Cases from the Lab Cases list.

In the Main Menu, click Lists, Lab Cases.

Alternatively, in the Appointments Module, under the calendar, click Lab Cases.

The status of Lab Cases for the selected date shows next to the Lab Cases button. If the status is All Received, then all Lab Cases attached to today's appointments have been marked Received on the Lab Case Edit window. If the status is Not Received, then Lab Cases for today's appointments are still outstanding. The number indicates how many Lab Cases are not marked Received. If using Clinics, the status reflects Lab Cases attached to all appointments scheduled in the selected clinic's operatories, for the selected date.


Set filter criteria to update Lab Cases grid. By default, only incomplete Lab Cases attached to incomplete appointments are listed.

Lab Case Grid

Click Refresh to update the Lab Cases grid after changing filter criteria.

Double-click a Lab Case to open the Edit Lab Case window and update the lab Tracking status. Right-click a lab case and select Go To Appointment to quickly jump to the associated appointment in the schedule.

Below is a description of each column in the grid.