Kiosk Manager

The Kiosk Manager is used to load patient forms for the kiosk and eClipboard.

In the Main Menu, click Tools, Kiosk Manager.

The Kiosk allows patients to fill out forms at a computer in the dental office, such as in the reception area or in an operatory. You can setup a workstation that is used as a kiosk only, or run the kiosk on a computer that is also used for other purposes.

Use the Kiosk Manager to remotely load patient forms to kiosks on separate workstations. For example, activate a kiosk in your reception area. Then from the receptionist's desk, run the Kiosk Manager to remotely load patient forms to the reception area kiosk. The Kiosk Manager can be run on multiple computers and remain open while you use Open Dental. On each computer where the patients will fill out forms, click Tools, Kiosk to activate the Kiosk.

When using eClipboard, load the forms for the eClipboard device.

Load Patient

On the computer that is running the Kiosk Manager, select the patient (e.g. click on their appointment).

Click Add or Remove Forms to launch the Patient Forms window. Click Add, select a form, then click To Kiosk. Repeat for each form. The order the forms will present to the patient is determined by the Kiosk Order number.

In the Kiosk Manager, the current patient name and selected forms will show on the right.

From the list of Active Kiosks in this window, click Load in the Action column of the desired kiosk. After a few moments, the patient will see the first form in the Kiosk window on their computer.

Note: If accessing kiosks using Remote Desktop Protocol or Citrix, each kiosk is identifiable by computer and session name. If you launch Kiosk from the same connection twice, you may be asked to enter a unique identifiable name.

When the patient completes the forms and clicks Done, their kiosk will clear and the patient will no longer show as active in the Kiosk Manager.

To remove a computer from the Active Kiosk list, when it is clear that a kiosk is not actually running on that computer, click Delete. If a kiosk is running on a device when it is deleted from the list, kiosk mode will be closed.

If you accidentally load the wrong patient, click Clear in the Action column on that specific device.


Set and save a password that will be required to close the kiosk on a workstation. This will prevent patients from accessing other data. The kiosk takes up the entire screen, so patients have no access to any other programs on the computer, including Windows features such as task bars. There is a hidden close button at the lower right corner of the kiosk window that the patient is using.

If a password has been set, it will ask for the password.

If the Kiosk was launched from the Main Menu, it will also cause Open Dental to close.

If the Kiosk was launched from Patient Forms, it will not close Open Dental.

While the patient is filling out forms, no staff member will have access to the patient's Edit Patient Information window.

Software and Hardware

To have patients fill out forms online, see Web Forms Feature.

Computer Requirements are the same as any other computer running Open Dental.

Before using tablets as a kiosk device, see Tablet.

See Patient Registration Vendors for vendors that offer applications that work with the Kiosk.