Web Form Setup

Set up web forms to be filled online by patients.

In Web Forms Retrieve, click Setup in the upper left.

Alternatively, in the Main Menu, click Setup, Web Forms.

Available Web Forms

The Available Web Forms grid displays all forms currently uploaded to the Open Dental web server. These forms are available to use online.

Only sheets with a type of PatientForm or MedicalHistory are listed. If there are no custom patient forms or medical histories, the internal versions show.


These settings affect every web form uploaded to the web server. Click Save to save any changes to preferences.

Construct URL

Build the URL patients will use to access the web form(s). Parameters in the URL also determine options available on the web form. Patients will use the web form URL to access the form via the office website, email, etc.

The settings below are not saved preferences. They only need to be entered once to create the URL used going forward.

To construct a URL, start by highlighting one or more forms under Available Web Forms. Each form selected will generate a unique URL.


Every uploaded web form sheet must contain Input Fields for LastName, FirstName, and Birthdate so that the completed, retrieved form can be matched to the correct patient. The Birthdate field should only be used once per sheet. If additional date fields are needed (e.g., insurance effective date), use the Misc input field instead. Forms can be uploaded or deleted from the server at any time without damaging patient records.

Other sheet types, such as PatientLetter or Consent, are not available for use as web forms. Web forms are designed to have information input (i.e., patient is updating information). Patient Letters are designed to have information output (i.e., patient is receiving information). Consents are designed to have information input by the office (e.g., tooth number or procedure).

Only [dateToday] and [dateTodayLong] Static Text Fields will be populated on web forms. As other Static Text Fields are unique to the patient, they will be left blank.