Web Form Setup

In the Main Menu, click Tools, Web Forms. Click Setup in the upper left corner.

Alternatively, go to Setup, Web Forms.

Before a patient can access a Web Form, you must upload the Sheet to Open Dental's web server, then construct the URL and provide it to the patient.

Available Web Forms

Lists all forms currently uploaded to the Open Dental web server. Click Add to upload a new web form. Click Update to update an existing web form. Click Delete to remove the selected web form from the server.


These settings affect every web form uploaded to the web server. Click Save to save any changes to preferences.

Construct Web Form URL

Construct a URL: Build the URL patients will use to access the web form(s). Parameters in the URL also determine options available on the web form. Patients will use the web form URL to access the form via your website, email, etc.

Note: The settings below are not saved preferences. They only need to be entered once to create the URL you will use going forward.


Every uploaded web form sheet must contain Input Fields for LastName, FirstName, and Birthdate so that the completed, retrieved form can be matched to the correct patient. The Birthdate field should only be used once per sheet. If additional date fields are needed (e.g. insurance effective date), use the Misc input field instead. Forms can be uploaded or deleted from the server at any time without damaging patient records.

Only sheets with a type of PatientForm or MedicalHistory are listed.Once you create custom patient forms or medical histories, only patient forms and medical histories list as options. If there are no custom patient forms or medical histories, the internal versions show.

Other sheet types, such as PatientLetters, are not available for use as web forms. Web forms are designed to have information input (i.e. patient is updating information). Patient Letters are designed to have information output (i.e. patient is receiving information). Attempting to use a Patient Letter as a web form may result in errors.