Uploading Web Forms to Web Server

Before a patient can access Web Forms, you must upload it to Open Dental's web server and provide the link to access the form to the patient.

  • Every uploaded Web Form Sheet must contain fields for LastName, FirstName, and Birthdate so that the completed, retrieved form can be matched to the correct patient.
  • The Birthdate field should only be used once per sheet.
  • If additional date fields (such as birthdate) are needed, use the Misc input field instead.

  1. In the Main Menu, click Tools, Web Forms.
  2. Click Setup in the upper left corner.

    The Sheet Defs grid shows all forms currently uploaded to the Open Dental web server and their unique URLs. Forms can be uploaded or deleted from the server at any time without damaging patient records.

    • To view a Web Form in a browser, double click on it or right click, then select Navigate to URL.
    • To copy a Browser Address (URL), right click then select Copy URL to Clipboard.
    • Host Server Address: The address where Web Forms are hosted. Do not edit this address.
    • Border Color: The background color of the Web Form window. Click Change to select a different color.

  3. Click Add.

    Sheets with a type of patient form or medical history are listed. Consent forms will also show if the option is checked on the Patient Forms window, but they are not allowed for use in webforms.

    Note: Once you create custom patient forms or medical histories, only patient forms and medical histories list as options. If there are no custom patient forms or medical histories, the internal versions show.

  4. Click on a form, then click OK to upload it.

To construct the URL used to access the Web Form, see Constructing a Web Form URL.

Update a Web Form

If you edit a sheet after it has been uploaded as a Web Form to the server, it needs to also be updated on the Web Form server.

Option 1: Upload the form when updating the sheet.

When you save changes to the sheet, you will be prompted to update the Web Form. Click Yes to update the form. Click No if you are not ready to publish the form.

Option 2: Upload the Form in Web Forms Setup

  1. On the Web Form Setup window, select the Web Form.
  2. Click Update.
  3. If the server can identify the sheet the Web Form is linked to, the form will be immediately updated.If the server cannot identity the matching sheet, a list of sheet options will show. Select the sheet, then click OK to update.

Note: To update Web Forms in version 16.3 and earlier, delete the old Web Form from the server, then upload new form. This will create a new URL.