Show Features

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Advanced Setup, Show Features.

Use Show Features to turn on/off features of Open Dental that your office uses. Settings will affect all computers using the same database. Often you will need to restart Open Dental for the settings to take effect.

Check a feature to turn it on. Uncheck a feature to turn it off.

Click OK to save settings.

Restart Open Dental if needed.

Capitation: Show Capitation Insurance Plans as an insurance type option on the Insurance Plan.

Medicaid: Show the following fields:

Public Health: Turn on Public Health features.

Dental Schools: Turn on Dental Schools.

Hospitals: Show Print Day for Hospital option when you right click on the Progress Notes in the Chart module. This option will print only completed procedures, a photo of the patient (if available), and a signature line at the bottom for the staff to sign. This printout is intended to go in the physical chart.

All Insurance: Show insurance information in the Family module and insurance estimates in the Treatment Plan module.

Clinical (computers in operatories): When unchecked, the Chart module toolbar button changes to Procs, procedures can only be treatment planned or completed for billing, and the Diagnosis/Prognosis panels are hidden. To also remove the Patient Info panel, edit the Chart Layout sheet.

Basic Modules Only: Only show the Appointments, Family, Account, and Chart modules.

Clinics: Turn on Clinics (e.g. when you have multiple locations). If you turn clinics off while using eServices, you will get the following prompt. Click OK to save and review the eService Signup Portal.

Repeating Charges: Turn on Repeating Charges.

Medical Insurance: Turn on Medical Insurance features.

EHR: Turn on EHR features (EHR Modified Stage 2). If using EHR for the EHR Incentive Program, contact Open Dental to sign an EHR Contract.

Super Families: Turn on Super Family feature.

Patient Clone: Turn on Patient Clones. Useful for orthodontist offices who want to track production and income separately.

Questionnaire: Enable the Questionnaire feature. A Questionnaire button will show in the Account module toolbar.

Show Reactivations: Enable the Reactivation List. A Reactivation tab will show in the Recall List and a setup window will be available under Setup, Appointments.

ERA window shows ControlID filter: Allows ERA window to be filtered by Control ID.