Problem List

In the Main Menu, click Lists, Problems.

Alternatively, in the Medical, Problems tab, click Add Problem.

The master problem list contains all problems that can be attached to a patient's problem list. Problems are medical conditions or other factors that affect the health of patients.

Search: Filter the list by ICD9, ICD10, or SNOMED CT code, or by description. As you enter criteria, the list will update with matching results.

Sort Options: If accessed via the main menu, problems can be reordered or sorted alphabetically.

Show Hidden: When accessed via the Lists, Problems menu, problems marked Hidden show in the list by default. To unhide hidden problems, uncheck Show Hidden.

Add or edit a problem

To download code systems to associate to problems, see Importing Code Systems.

For EHR:

Click Add, or double-click a problem to edit.

Problems can also be added to the master list while editing a Medical History Sheet.

ICD-9 Code: Click [...] to associate the problem with an ICD-9 Code. See ICD-10 Codes.

ICD-10 Code: Click [...] to associate the problem with an ICD-10 Code. See ICD-10 Codes

SNOMED CT Code: Click [...] to associate the problem with SNOMED CT Codes.

Description: Enter the identifying name of the condition.

Click OK to save the problem.

Remove a problem

To delete a problem, click Delete on the Problem Def Edit window. Problems attached to patients cannot be deleted. Instead, you can hide the problem so it is no longer a selection option for patients. Check Hidden.