User Edit

Set users' passwords associate with providers and employees and more from the User Edit window.

In the Security window, click Add User.


Note: To add a User, the User must have the "Security Admin" Permission or Add User Permission. Also, a default user group must be set in Global Security Settings.

User ID: This is an internal unique identifier that is useful for third party reporting.

Domain User: Only visible if Single Sign-On / Domain Login is turned on. Click [...] and select the domain user.

Name: Enter the employee's username for logging on to Open Dental.

DoseSpot User ID: If this is a user using DoseSpot eRx, enter the user ID assigned by DoseSpot. For users with multiple DoseSpot User ID numbers, click [...] to add the corresponding DoseSpot User ID for each clinic. See DoseSpot Setup.

Require Password Reset: Check to prompt the user to reset their password upon logging in.

Is Hidden: Check to hide this user from the Log On window. Useful when an employee leaves the office. Users cannot be deleted.

Automatic logoff time in minutes (0 is disabled, blank is global value): Set a time when, after a certain period of inactivity, Open Dental will automatically log off for this user. Allow user override for automatic log off must be checked in Global Security Settings.

Employee (for timecards): Select the Employee associated with the user. Required for offices using Time Clock.

Provider: Select the Provider associated with the user.

User Group: Select the User Group(s) the user will be assigned to. Users can be assigned to more than one group. User groups control which permissions a user has. Users assigned to multiple groups will have all of the permissions given to each group

Create Password: Click to create the password for the user to use when logging on to Open Dental. If a password exists, the label will be Change Password.

Enter the password, then click OK. By default the password shows as asterisks. To instead see the password in readable text, check Show.

Note: For HIPAA compliance, each user should have a unique, protected password that only they know. This is especially important for providers because some actions performed when the provider is logged-on are equivalent to signatures, such as writing procedure notes or electronic prescriptions.

Unlock Account: See below for details. Accounts are temporarily locked for five minutes after more than five consecutive failed attempts to log on to Open Dental or the Mobile Web. This button only shows when editing a user.

The users allowed permissions will display on the right. Permissions must be edited from the User Groups tab in the Security window.

Clinics Tab

Only visible if using Clinics.

User Default Clinic: Select the user's default clinic. Only one option can be selected. If All is selected, Headquarters will be the default. Usually, this clinic will be selected automatically when the user logs on.

User Restricted Clinics: Associate a user to one or more clinics (optional). See below for a list of items that are affected by clinic restrictions.

  1. Select the clinics the user should have access to. Click and drag or Ctrl + click to select multiple clinics..
  2. Check Restrict user to only see these clinics.

Note: If you do not want to restrict your providers and prefer that they have access to all clinics, but you do want to filter the provider lists by clinic so users are presented a smaller list based on which clinic they treat patients at, you can do this from Provider Setup, Clinics Tab.

When a user is restricted to specific clinics, they will face limitations in the following areas:

When providers are restricted to clinics, it may affect the available provider options in some areas (e.g., the only providers showing in lists will be those who have access to a clinic). These areas include:

Example: If Provider A is restricted to Clinic A, Provider A will not be an option for primary or secondary provider when editing patient information for a patient assigned to clinic B.

Alert Subs Tab

Subscribe the user to specific alerts. See Alert Subscription. Alerts show in the Main Menu to notify the user about important information.

User Alert Subscriptions: Select the alert types for this user to receive. Click and drag or Ctrl + click to select multiple types.

Clinics Subscribed: Select the clinics for which the user will receive alerts. Click and drag or Ctrl + click to select multiple clinics.

Unlock an Account

When a user has locked their account due to consecutive log on attempts, a user with the Security Admin permission can unlock the account.

  1. Click Unlock Account.
  2. Click OK. A confirmation will show.
  3. Click OK.
    • If the user remembered their password, they can attempt to log on again.
    • If the user must reset their password, click Change Password and leave the password field blank. The user can then log on without a password and create a new password for their user.