User Edit

Set user passwords, associate users with providers and employees, and set additional options from the User Edit window.

In the Security window, click Add User.


To add a User:

Note: For HIPAA compliance, each user should have a unique, protected password that only they know. This is especially important for providers because some actions performed when the provider is logged-on are equivalent to signatures, such as writing procedure notes or electronic prescriptions.

User Tab

Use the User tab to set up or edit a User for an employee.

Clinics Tab

Only visible if using Clinics.

Note: To allow a provider access to all clinics, but still filter various provider lists throughout the program, set preferred clinics in Provider Setup, Clinics Tab.

When a user is restricted to specific clinics, they face limitations in the following areas:

When providers are restricted to clinics, it may affect the available provider options in some areas (e.g., the only providers showing in lists are those who have access to a clinic). These areas include:

Alert Subs Tab

Subscribe the user to specific alerts. See Alert Subscription. Alerts show in the Main Menu to notify the user about important information.