Choose Database

In the Main Menu, click File, Choose Database.

These settings allow your workstation to locate and connect to the MySQL database. If you install Open Dental on multiple computers, this window shows the first time you run Open Dental on each workstation.

To save the information, for the next time Open Dental starts up, right-click the Open Dental icon and Run as Administrator, then enter the Choose Database settings.

Connect to Middle Tier instead: See Middle Tier. Instead of connecting directly to the database, you have the option to connect to a Middle Tier which handles all of the database interactions. The advantages include better security and speed for multiple offices. Using the middle tier makes it impossible for the user to connect directly to the database. The user will never have access to the MySQL username and password used to access the database. It also prevents injection attacks when writing queries.

For Advanced Users

The settings on this window are stored in the FreeDentalConfig.xml file in the installation directory. This data is not stored in the database because you have not yet established a database connection.

Multiple Databases: Most users will have only one database. However, in Open Dental you have the option of running many databases on the same computer. For example, you could make Backups of your database within its original folder. To access historical snapshots of the data, simple access each database. You can also switch between your regular database and a backup that you take home on your laptop for read-only purposes. If you run a dental billing company, each doctor client can retain a separate database (each office must also have a separate Open Dental license).

To switch between databases, use the Database dropdown on the Choose Database window.


Problem: Connection to the MySQL server has been lost.

Solution: This message pops up when the workstation cannot connect to the MySQL server. Open Dental will attempt to reconnect until connection is successful or the user aborts (Exit Program).

Problem: Error regarding too many connections.

Solution: In the my.ini file on the server, change the max_connections to 3,000.