Mobile Sync Setup

In eServices Misc, click Show Mobile Sync (old-style).

Note: Mobile Sync has been replaced by ODMobile, an app that is installed right to a mobile device!

When using the Mobile Sync Feature application, data must be uploaded to Open Dental's server. It will then continue to sync with the database server to ensure content is up-to-date. The sync starts when Open Dental is launched, after the database is selected but before user login.

Delete All: Deletes all data from the Open Dental server.

Full Sync: Delete all data from the Open Dental server then upload fresh data. This should only need to be done once.

Sync: A sync can be forced at any time in addition to the automatic timed sync.

Log In

  1. Type into the mobile browser. Save it as a favorite.
  2. Type in the user name and password that was previously set. Click Login.