Mobile Synch Setup

In the Main Menu, click Tools, Mobile Synch, or click eServices, Mobile Sync.

Note: Mobile Synch has been replaced by ODMobile, an app that is installed right to your mobile device!

Alternatively, in the eServices Misc, click Show Mobile Synch (old-style).

When using the Mobile Synch Feature application, data must be uploaded to Open Dental's server. It will then continue to synch with your database server to ensure content is up-to-date. The synch will start when you launch Open Dental, after the database is selected but before user login.

Delete All: Deletes all data from the Open Dental server.

Full Synch: Delete all data from the Open Dental server then upload fresh data. This should only need to be done once.

Synch: A synch can be forced at any time in addition to the automatic timed synch.