Close Payment Plan

When a patient has paid off or stopped making payments on a payment plan, the payment plan can be closed.

In a Payment Plan, at the lower left, click Close Plan.

Alternatively, in a Dynamic Payment Plan, at the lower left, click Close Plan.

When a patient is no longer paying on a Patient Payment Plan or Dynamic Payment Plan, it is advised to close the payment plan, even if charges are still due, so it to no longer shows in the Payment Plan grid. There will still be record of the payment plan and it can be reopened later if needed.

Closing out a plan does the following:

When pay plan logic is Age Credits and Debits, the payment plan will no longer show in the Payment Plans grid and any outstanding principal amounts will be added as a PayPlan Debit line item in the patient account ledger (with a note of Close Out Charge).

When pay plan logic is Age Credits Only or Do Not Age, any balances remaining will be come due now. Once the payment plan balance = 0, the plan will no longer show in the grid.

Once a user clicks Close Plan, they will receive the following prompt:

Click Yes to proceed with closing the payment plan. Click No to cancel and return to the payment plan window.

Automatically Close Out Payment Plans

The Auto-Close Payment Plans tool allows offices to easily close out all payment plans with a zero balance and no future charges.

In the Main Menu, click Tools, Misc Tools, Auto-Close Payment Plans.

This tool is helpful to help if the practice has payment plans showing in the Payment Plan Report that have zero balance, no future charges, but are not closed.

Once the tool is clicked, the following message will appear. Click OK to continue and close all plans that meet the criteria. Click Cancel to close the tool without closing payment plans.

A confirmation will appear once payment plans have finished closing, indicating the number of payments plans closed. If no payments plans met the criteria, a message will appear instead indicating "There were no plans to close."

View or Reopen Closed Payment Plans

Payment plans that have been closed are still available to view or to reopen if needed. Only open payment plans can be edited; changing historical information is not recommended.

To show closed payment plans in the Payment Plan grid:

  1. In the Account Module, click the Show tab.
  2. Check the box for Show Completed Pay Plans. This will affect all workstations.

All closed plans for the patient will list in the Payment Plan grid in a light text color.

To reopen a closed payment plan:

  1. Double-click the closed plan to open the Payment Plan window.
  2. In the lower right, click Reopen.

Only past activity shows in the amortization schedule. To reinstate the payment plan, a new amortization schedule will need to be created.