Merge Referrals

The Merge Referral tool can be used to merge duplicate referrals.

In the Main Menu, click Tools, Misc Tools, Merge Referrals.

Merging referrals permanently assigns the merge into referral to all patients with the merge from referral. It also removes the merge from referral from the Referral List. To run this tool you must have the Referral Merge security permission.

Referral to merge into: Click Change to select the referral that will remain.

Referral to merge from: Click Change to select the referral that will merge into the above referral.

Click Merge.

To confirm the merge, click Yes. If the referral names, titles, and is person/is doctor settings don't match, you will be notified and informed how many patients are assigned the merge from referral.

Click OK to proceed.

A Done message will show when the merge is complete.