Audit Trail

The audit trail is a log of actions taken by users.

In the Main Menu, click Tools, Audit Trail.

For the audit trail to contain complete information, you must set up user profiles for all staff that access Open Dental and assign security permissions to user groups. See User Security and Edit Group Permission.

Only users with the Audit Trail permission can view the main audit trail. There are also several smaller audit trails that don't require the permission:

Audit trail entries are never changed within Open Dental and should never be changed outside of Open Dental.

Actions are listed by date/time, with the most recent change at the end of the list. Some actions may result in two log entries, one with details, and one with the last date edited. If a patient is selected when the audit trail is opened, only log actions related to the patient are shown by default.

Filtering Options

Click Print to print the audit trail to the default printer.

The following actions are always tracked:

The following appointment-related actions are not tracked:

Integrity of Data: In Version 14.1 and greater, Open Dental checks to verify the integrity of the audit trail data.

Questions and Answers

Why is the Last Edited column blank for a log entry?

There is no data to display. This can happen when the item doesn't track dates (e.g. payment plans, or when an item is new and has no previous modifications.

Why does my audit trail show a user as unknown user?

An unknown user in the audit trail is typically triggered by an automated service from within the program. For example, automated eConfirmations change the confirmation status of an appointment and an unknown user is logged.