Feature Requests

The Feature Request system is a unique tool that allows offices to vote on features they want in Open Dental.

In the Main Menu, click Help, Request Features.

Every office can vote on requests and submit new requests. The voting process takes time but helps us prioritize requested features. Open Dental does not supply estimates on when a Feature Request might be implemented or guarantee that every request will become a feature.

See our QuickTip Video: Feature Requests

Click a column to sort results.

View or Vote on a Request

Double-click an existing request to view details.

My Votes: Use the My Votes section to vote on a Feature Request.

Totals: These are the totals of all votes and criticals from all Open Dental users.

Discussion: Users can add notes about the request. These notes are not monitored but are useful for clarity or encouragement.

Add a New Request

Click Add to create a new request. Before creating a new request, be sure to search for an existing request to avoid duplicates.

Short Description: Enter a brief description of the request.

Detail: Enter details about the request. Add plenty of detail to help Open Dental HQ fully understand the request.

Points: Add points (votes) to the request. Use the Points Remaining to determine how many votes to allocate to the request.

Click OK to submit the request.

Improving Feature Request Visibility

To increase the chances of the Feature Request being implemented, use this system to your advantage:

  1. Vote for your request. If there are no votes, then the request cannot be seen by anyone else.
  2. Mark it critical.
  3. Use the Open Dental Community (User Forum, Facebook User Group, etc) to promote your feature and get others interested in voting for it.