Discount Plans

The Discount Plan feature is useful for practices that offer in-house discount plans for patients that do not have insurance.

In the Main Menu, click Lists, Discount Plans.

This feature uses discount adjustments to reduce the full procedure fee. The adjustment amount is calculated by subtracting the discount plan's procedure fee from the provider's UCR fee.

See our Webinar: Discount Plans.

There are three main steps to create a Discount Plan

  1. Create the adjustment type that will be used for the discount plan's adjustments. See Definitions: Adj Types. Create one adjustment for all discount plans, or create an adjustment for each discount plan for tracking purposes.
  2. Create the discount plan's Fee Schedules and enter its fees.
    • The fees entered into the fee schedule should be what the patient is expected to pay. Open Dental will calculate the discount automatically based off the difference between this fee schedule and the billed fee (e.g., UCR fee schedule).
  3. Create the discount plan. See below.

Add or Edit a Discount Plan

In the Discount Plan list above, click Add, or double-click to edit.

Note: The Annual Max and Frequency Limitations reset based on the effective dates entered for the patient if the dates span more than one year or there is no end date. If no effective start date is entered, they reset on the first of the year.

Click OK to save changes.

Run the Discount Plans Report to view a list of all or a specific discount plan, the associated fee schedule, adjustment type, and patients using the plan.