Insurance Filing Codes

Insurance Filing Codes are used by Insurance Plans to identify a claim type and are most commonly used when sending electronic claims.

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Family/Insurance, Insurance Filing Codes.

Assign a Filing Code and Filing Code Subtype in the Other Ins Info tab of an Insurance Plan

Insurance Filing Codes are used:

Insurance Filing Codes: The most commonly used filing codes appear in the list by default. Double-click a filing code to edit. Edit Claim Filing Code opens (see below).

Add: Create a new Insurance Filing Code.

Up/Down: Highlight a filing code in the list and click to reorder.

Edit Claim Filing Code

Click Add to create a new filing code or highlight an existing filing code and double-click to edit. Edit Claim Filing Code opens

Delete: Remove a filing code that is not use by any insurance plans.

Click OK to save.