Insurance Plans

In the Main Menu, click Lists, Insurance Plans.

Alternatively: from the Insurance Plan Edit Window, click Pick From List.

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Each line entry refers to an individual plan. The number of plan subscribers is indicated under the Subs column. Double-click a plan to view carrier, plan, and benefit information.

To narrow or sort the list of plans, enter filter criteria. As you type in a field, only matching entries will list.

Get All: The first 200 results that match filter criteria will display. Click to view all results that match.

Show Hidden: Include/exclude plans that have been marked Hidden on the Edit Insurance Plan window

Combine: Combine duplicate plans into a single plan. See Combine Insurance Plans.

Hide Unused: Mark plans that have 0 subscribers as hidden.

Blank Plan: Only visible when the list is accessed via the Edit Insurance Plan window. Click to open a blank Edit Insurance Plan window.

Questions and Answers

I have duplicate insurance plans in the list. Why and how do I fix this?

There are a few reasons you may have duplicate plans. Sometimes plans look the same, but when the details are examined they are different. Thus what looks like duplicate entries is really different plans that share the same employer, carrier, group name, group number. Things to check:

If you created new insurance plans by mistake instead of using an existing plan, you can combine insurance plans. Combining is irreversible and changes historical data.

To avoid creating new plans inadvertently, follow these guidelines: