Graphic Reports

Graphic reports are used to quickly compare and analyze trends and data.

In the Main Menu, click Reports, Graphic.

The reports that display are customized by the practice in Graphic Reports Setup. Each report can show results for the entire practice, by provider or clinic, and for a specific date range.

Note: There are two security permissions that determine if a user can access graphical financial reports for other providers
  • Graphical Reports: Allows a user to access the graphic reports.
  • Production and Income - View all Providers: User can access graphic Production and Income reports for all providers. If a provider does not have this permission, they can still view their own reports, but only when they are logged on.

There are five types of graphic reports:


Reports are grouped first by tab, then by cells in columns and rows.

Print Settings

Graphic reports can be printed or exported.

The Print Settings window will open.

Change print/export settings as desired. The displayed image will reflect any settings.

Date Range: Reports dynamically adjust beween 6 months and 12 months depending on a few factors: