Allergy List

The master allergy list contains the allergies that can be added to a patient's allergy list.

In the Main Menu, click Lists, Allergies.

Alternatively, you can access Allergy Setup by going to Setup, Chart, EHR (EHR Setup Window), Allergies

Allergies are listed alphabetically. To show allergies marked hidden, check the Show Hidden box.

Click Add, or double click an allergy to edit.

Allergies can also be added to the master list while editing a Medical History Sheet.

Description: Enter the allergy name.

Only used in EHR for CCDS: Most non-EHR offices can ignore these. Allergy Type: A value is required in order for the allergy to list on an EHR Continuity of Care Document ( CCD )(e.g. Summary of Care). Allergen: Only one value (UNII or Medication) can be entered, not both.

Click OK to save.

Is Hidden: Check the box to hide the allergy so it can't be selected for other patients. It will continue to show for patients already using it.

Delete: Remove an allergy. Allergies in a patient's allergy list cannot be deleted.