Program Links

The Program Links window lists all the program bridges that can be linked from Open Dental.

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Program Links.

From here users can enable or disable a bridge, set up clickable toolbar buttons to access the bridge, and enter other bridge-specific information. For specific setup steps for each bridge, refer to the individual bridge page.

All supported bridges will list.

We recommend having a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) in place with a third-party before enabling a program link.

Program Link Settings

Double-click a bridge to enter bridge settings on the Program Link window.

Each bridge window will auto-populate with default settings.

Button Settings

Hide Button for Clinics: If using clinics, select which clinics the bridge applies to.

Add a button to these toolbars: Select one or more areas to display the bridge button.

Button Image: Import an image that will show on the button.

Remote Desktop Solutions

If there is a server using terminal services that users remotely connect to, consider using the Remote Executer program by MQ Technologies ( Remote Executer passes the command to launch the software to the local computer, instead of launching the program on the server computer.

Here is an example of using Remote Executer to launch Notepad.


If a bridge to an imaging program is not behaving well, first start Open Dental by running as an admin. The administrator privileges will then be inherited by the bridge program. If this works, set Open Dental to always run as admin: