Referral List

Maintain a list of all patient referral sources in the Referrals list.

In the Main Menu, click Lists, Referrals.

Search for referral sources using a variety of criteria. Results are updated automatically as criteria is entered.

The Select Referral grid shows a list of all patient, non-patient, and provider referrals.

Add / Edit Referral Source

Click Add to create a new referral source, or double-click an existing referral to edit.

When adding a new referral source, a prompt will ask if the referral is an existing patient. Click Yes to select the patient from the Select Patient window. Click No to continue to the Edit Referral window.

Note: If the referral is a patient, some fields can only be edited from the Edit Patient Information window.

Add Comm: Create a new Commlog item attached to this referral source. Opens the Communication Item for Referral window.

Communications Log: The grid displays Commlogs created for this referral source. Anchored items are grouped at the top in chronological order and highlighted. Remaining items are listed in chronological order.

Delete: Only referrals that are not attached to patients can be deleted. If no patients are listed in the Used By Patients section, the referral will be deleted from the list. If the referral is attached to patients, hide the referral instead.

Click OK to save the referral information.