Referral List

The Referral List is a list of all referral sources. To open the list:

Search: Search for specific characters in last names and first names.

Show only: Filter by referral type:

Add or Edit a Referral Source

  1. Click Add or double click an existing referral to edit. If adding, a message will show asking if the referral source is a patient. If Yes, select the patient first.
  2. Enter the referrals information.
    Note: If the referral is another patient, many fields will not be editable here. Instead see the patient's Edit Patient Information window.

    Hidden: Check this box to remove this referral as a selection in the Referrals list.

    Not Person: Check this box if the referral is not a person (e.g. yellow pages). This box must be unchecked, and Is Doctor checked, to send referrals electronically. See Edit Claim - General Tab.

    Email Trust for Direct: For Direct Messaging (EHR). Indicates if Direct trust has been established with this provider. When you click OK, Open Dental will attempt to locate the provider's email certificate public key (based on the email address). If the public key is found, it will be stored in the local certificate store and Direct trust will be established. Patients referred to this provider will then be able to transmit a summary of care to the provider using the Patient Portal. If the public key is not found, you will receive a message that it cannot be located. In this case, uncheck the box since Direct trust is not established. If unchecked, patients referred to this provider will not be able to transmit a summary of care using the portal.

    Preferred Referral: Mark referral as a preferred referral source. Used to filter the Referral List.

    Notes: Notes entered here will show in the attached referrals for a patient.

    Is Doctor/Specialty: Check this box if this is a doctor, then select a specialty. This information will appear in the Select Referral list. This box must be checked, and Not Person unchecked, to send referrals electronically.

    Used By Patients: Quickly identify how many patients have been referred to or from this referral source. Click the dropdowns to see patient names.

    Referral Slip: Assign a default Referral Slip template for the referral.

  3. Click OK to save the referral source.

Advanced Users

The information shown on the form above is actually kept as a copy in the referral table. The reasoning behind this is that it makes reporting much simpler than having to make multiple joins between tables and handle conditional situations.