Referral List

Maintain a list of all patient referral sources in the Referrals list.

In the Main Menu, click Lists, Referrals.

The Select Referral grid shows a list of all patient, non-patient, and provider referrals.
Last Name: The last name of a referral source or referral source description (i.e. Internet Search).
First Name: The first name of a referral source.
MI: The middle initial of a referral source.
Title: The provider title of the referral source(e.g. DDS or DMD).
Specialty: The specialty of the referral source, if a provider (e.g. Ortho, Surgery, etc).
Patient: X indicates a patient.
Note: Notes specific to the referral source.

Add / Edit Referral Source

Enter a referral or business name in the Search field to find a specific referral source. Use the Show filters to filter the list by referral type.
Patient: Show referrals who are also existing patients (marked X in the Patient column).
Doctor: Show referrals marked as Is Doctor.
Other: Show referrals that are not patients or provides marked as Not Person.
Preferred Only:Show referrals marked as preferred. Checked by default if preference is turned on in Family Module Preferences.
Show Hidden: Show referrals that are marked Hidden.
Clinic: Filter referrals by Clinic. Select All to display referrals for all clinics, and Unassigned for referral sources not assigned to a clinic.

Once the referral is found double-click to open the Edit Referral window and edit the information or if the referral does not exist, click Add to create the referral source. If adding, click Yes or No when prompted if the referral is an existing patient then select the patient or proceed to enter the referral information in the Add Referral window.

Note: If the referral is a patient, some fields can only be edited from the Edit Patient Information window.

Hidden: Check to hide this referral from the Referrals list.
Not Person: Check if this referral is not a person (e.g. yellow pages).
Last Name/First Name/MI: Enter the referrals name. If a patient, this defaults to the patients last name. If not a person, enter the referral description in the last name field and leave the first name blank.
Clinics: Assign referral source to a clinic.
Is Doctor: Check if this referral is a provider. To send provider referrals electronically, Is Doctor must be checked and Not Person unchecked. See Edit Claim - General Tab.
Specialty: Select the provider's specialty.
Title: The provider's title.
Address/City/State/Zip: The mailing address for the referral.
Phone/Other Phone: The contact number for the referral.
Email: The email address for the referral.
Business Name: Business name of the referral.
Email Trust for Direct: For Direct Messaging (EHR). Check to indicate when direct trust is established with this provider. When you click OK, Open Dental will attempt to locate the provider's email certificate public key (based on the email address). If the public key is found, it will be stored in the local certificate store and Direct trust will be established. Patients referred to this provider will then be able to transmit a summary of care to the provider using the Patient Portal. If the public key is not found, you will receive a message that it cannot be located. In this case, uncheck the box since Direct trust is not established. If unchecked, patients referred to this provider will not be able to transmit a summary of care using the portal.
SSN/TIN: SSN or TIN of the referral if a provider.
National Provider ID: NPI of the referral if a provider.
Notes: Notes about the referral source. Displays in the referrals list and in attached referrals.
Display Notes: Displays in the Patient Information grid in the Family Module when referral is attached.
Referral Slip: Assign a custom Referral Slip Layout. The custom slip will be the default slip generated when this referral is selected. To generate a referral slip for a patient, see Referral Slip.

The Use By Patients section shows a count of patients that have been referred to or referred from this referral source. As the referral is attached to patients, the information is automatically updated. Use the dropdown menus to see a list of patients this referral is attached to. For more referral tracking options, see Referrals, Track Referrals.

Delete: Only referrals that are not attached to patients can be deleted. If no patients are listed in the Use By Patients section, the referral will be deleted from the list. If the referral is attached to patients, hide the referral instead.

Click OK to save the referral information.

Advanced Users

The information shown on the form above is kept as a copy in the referral table. The reasoning behind this is that it makes reporting much simpler than having to make multiple joins between tables and handle conditional situations.