eServices Setup Window

Sign up and setup for eServices is managed from the eServices Setup window.

In the Main Menu, click eServices, then select an option to open the eServices Setup window. The active tab will depend on the option selected. Below is the Signup tab.

Signup: Sign up for eServices using the Signup Portal. Signing up for eServices

eConnector Service: Install and monitor the eConnector. This service is used by all eServices hosted by Open Dental. You only need to install it once.

Mobile Web: Setup options for the Mobile Web. Mobile Web Setup

Patient Portal: Setup options for the Patient Portal (when hosted by Open Dental).

Web Sched: Setup options for Web Sched Recall and/or Web SchedNew Patient.

Texting Services: View usage summaries for Integrated Texting. Integrated Texting Usage Summary

Automated eReminders and eConfirmations: Setup options for eReminders and/or eConfirmations.

Miscellaneous: Set the run time of automated emails and text messages for Web Sched Recall reminders, eReminders, and eConfirmations. Unhide the Mobile Sync tab. eServices Setup Miscellaneous Tab

Mobile Sync: Access the old mobile sync preferences area. If this tab is not visible, see the Miscellaneous tab. Mobile Synch