Fee Schedule Groups

Fee Schedule Groups are used to manage fee schedules that are region specific, but share the same clinics.

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Fee Schedule Groups.

To enable Fee Schedule Groups, offices must:

To access Fee Schedule Groups, users must have the Fee Schedule Edit permission and cannot be restricted to a clinic.

Fee Schedule Groups use one fee schedule for all clinics in the associated group. Clinics can be assigned to multiple Fee Schedules Groups as long as there is a unique fee schedule.

Fee Schedule Group Filters:

The window displays the following information:

Add Group: Click to create a new Fee Schedule Group. Opens the Fee Schedule Edit window.

Fee Schedule Group Edit

Click Add Group to create a new Fee Schedule Group or double-click an existing group to edit.

Use the Left and Right arrows to move clinics in and out of the group.

Click Save to create the group or keep changes. Depending on the changes made, there may be additional prompts.

If creating a new group, there is a prompt to setthe initial group fees:

If clinics were added or removed from an existing group, there is a warning that fees will be updated for clinics newly added to the group, but fees for clinics removed from he group are note changed: