CareCredit Transactions

See CareCredit Setup.

In the Main Menu, click Tools, CareCredit Transactions.

Alternatively, in the CareCredit Action window, click Transactions.

Transactions Tab

The Transactions Tab shows purchases and refunds made through CareCredit.

Right-click a patient to:

Quickscreen Transactions Tab

The Quickscreen Transactions Tab shows the status of batch quickscreens in a date range.

Status: Sort by transaction status.

Right-click a patient to Go To Account.

Highlight a patient, or click All to select all, then click Reprocess. Reprocessing sets the selected patients with a status of ExpiredBatch to Pending, and it reprocesses the transaction during the next batch quickscreen.

Errors Tab

The Errors Tab shows errors that occurred during batch quickscreens.

Highlight a patient, or click All to select all, then acknowledge the errors. Acknowledging an error removes it from the list, but does not clear it from Open Dental Alerts.

Include Acknowledged: Check to show acknowledged errors.

Right-click a patient to:

If a Merchant ID is indicated as closed, it is noted in the Merchant Closed column. For more information regarding an error message, contact CareCredit.