Alerts notify users of errors, warnings, and actions needed.

In the Main Menu, click Alerts.

Only alerts the user is subscribed to are shown. When using Clinics, only alerts for the currently selected clinic show, and only when the logged on user is subscribed to the alert category.

When there are new, unread alerts, the Alert menu item appears red and indicates the number of active alerts.

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Select an alert to take action, or select multiple alerts to quickly acknowledge them. The options vary depending on the alert.

Alert Descriptions

The Open Dental Service is required to generate many of these alerts.

Example Alert Category Alert Type Description Action Needed
Open Dental Service Error All Generic General alerts from Open Dental (tips, new features, update notifications). Informational. No action needed.
Pending Online Payments: 4 All Online Payments Pending Notifies user that there are pending online patient payments that need processed in Open Dental. This alert only stays marked as read once all Pending Online Payments have been processed. Process payments using the steps outlined on Online Patient Payments.
Radiology Orders: 2 All Radiology Orders Alerts the logged-on EHR provider of upcoming radiology orders needing approval (mark CPOE). Approve orders in the Radiology Order List.
Patient would like a callback regarding this appointment: Sally Smith on 12/11/2017 All/eServices Patient Requests Callback Notifies user about patients who have requested a callback about an eConfirmation. Click Open Appointment to open the Edit Appointment window. Alert is deleted once the appointment confirmation status is no longer Not Accepted, or if the appointment is no longer scheduled.
The Web Sched New Pat feature now asks patients questions to verify patient information... All/eServices Web Sched New Patient General informational alerts about the Web Sched New Patient eService. Informational. No action needed.
New WebSched Appointment: 11/22/2017 2:00:00 PM All/eServices Web Sched New Pat Appointment Created Alerts user of appointments that have been scheduled by new patients via Web Sched New Patient. Click Open eServices Web Sched New Pat Appointment to view the appointments in the Web Sched Appointments Report.
Number Barred From Texting: 15035551234 has cancelled Appointment Texts and must text OPTIN to 1(503)363-5432 to begin receiving Appointment Texts. All/eServices Numbers Barred from Texting Notifies user of wireless phone numbers that have rejected text messages. These patients' Text Message status automatically changed from OK to No. Informational. No action needed.
The number of current MySQL connections has exceeded half the number of maximum connections allowed. All MySQL Maximum Connection Issues Alerts user that the MySQL server has more than half of the allowed connections. Click More Details to view information about the current connections, issues that can result when the maximum amount of connections are exceeded, and how to increase the number of connections.
New WebSched Appointment: 11/22/2017 2:00:00 PM All/eServices Web Sched ASAP Appointment Created Alerts user about appointments that have been scheduled using Web Sched ASAP. Click Open Web Sched Appointments to view the appointments in the Web Sched Appointments report.
eConnector services are being run on these computers: All/eServices Multiple eConnectors Notifies user that multiple computers are running an instance of the eConnector. Only one computer should run the eConnector. Contact Support for assistance in finding the correct eConnector computer.
eConnector Down: eConnector needs to be restarted All/eServices eConnection Down Notifies user that the eConnector is down. See General Services Troubleshooting.
eConnector Error All/eServices eConnection Error Notifies user when the eConnector has an error. See General Services Troubleshooting.
OpenDentalService Down. No instance of Open Dental Service is running. All/eServices eConnection Error Notifies user when the OpenDentalService is down. See Service Manager (Add/Edit a Service).
DoseSpot Provider Registered: User automatically assigned. All/eRx DoseSpot Provider Registered Shows the User ID for the assigned user. Informational. No action needed.
DoseSpot Provider Registered: Select user to assign ID. All/eRx DoseSpot Provider Registered Appears when multiple users are assigned to one provider, or there are no users assigned. Open the DoseSpot Assign User ID Window. Use the dropdown menu to assign a user.
DoseSpot Clinic Registered: Clinic Name has been registered. All/eRx DoseSpot Clinic Registered Notifies user that a clinic was successfully registered. Informational. No action needed.
New WebSched Appointment: 11/22/2017 2:00:00 PM All/eServices Web Sched Recall Appointment Created Alerts user about appointments that have been scheduled using Web Sched Recall. Click Open Web Sched Appointments to view the appointments in the Web Sched Appointments report.
Clinic Feature Changed, you may need to restart the eConnector if you are subscribed to eServices N/A Clinic Feature Changed Alerts user to restart the eConnector when turning Clinics on/off. Restart the eConnector.
Clinics Changed N/A Clinic Feature Changed (internal)
Multiple OpenDentalServices N/A Multiple OpenDentalServices Alerts users that multiple OpenDentalServices are running on a single database. Go to the Service Manager and stop excess services.
No instance of Open Dental Service is running. All/eServices OpenDentalService Down Alerts the user the OpenDentalService is down. Restart the OpenDentalService.
Unread WebMail All New WebMail Alerts logged in Provider users of unread WebMail messages. Click to view WebMail inbox. This alerts always displays for the intended user, regardless of alert subscriptions.
4 consecutive failed email sends detected. 07/12/2019 11:37:00 AM All/eServices eConnector Email Send Failures Alert will display if Emails have failed to send more than three times. Shows number of messages effected and time of last failure. Informational. No action needed.
Supplemental Backup successful All/Supplemental Backups Supplemental Backups The supplemental backup was successful. Alert created due to a successful supplemental backup Informational. No action needed.
Mismatched eConnector time detected. eConnector: 7/20/2020 09:04:00, Database: 7/20/2020 10:04:00. eConnector time must match database time. Please correct eConnector computer time to match database time and restart eConnector. All/eServices eConnector Time Notifies user that the MySQL time and eConnector time differ.

Only occurs when the MySQL and eConnector are hosted on different computers.
Correct the time on the server hosting the eConnector, then restart the eConnector service.
CareCredit Batch Errors: Errors processing CareCredit batch requests N/A CareCredit Batch Errors Alert will display when there is an error when running CareCredit batch quickscreens due to a closed merchant number. Click to open the CareCredit Transactions window.
Patient arrived at 12:26 07/16/2020 for appointment at 12:30 07/16/2020 All/eServices Patient Arrival Alert will display when a patient has replied to an Arrivals message. This indicates the patient has arrived for their appointment and is waiting outside. Click Open Form to open the patient appointment.
New Secure Email All New Secure Email Alert will display when a patient has sent the office a secure email reply. Information. View the reply in the Email Inbox.
Cloud Sessions Limit All Cloud Sessions Limit Notifies user the number of Open Dental Cloud sessions open is reaching it's maximum allowed. Click to open Cloud Management to increase limit or kick out inactive sessions.
New Web Sched Existing Patient Appointment. All/eServices Web Sched Existing Pat Appointment Created Notifies user an existing patient has scheduled an appointment using Web Sched Existing Patient. Click to view the appointments in the Web Sched Appointments report.
Web Forms Ready to Retrieve - HQ 3 All Web Forms Ready to Retrieve Runs once an hour. Notifies user that web forms are ready to be retrieved. Also displays clinic and the number of web forms waiting. Click to open the Web Forms window and retrieve web forms.
Monitoring the slave status is now monitored by the OpenDentalReplicationService. Each replication server will need the new OpenDentalReplicationService installed. See Open Dental Replication Service. All Update Completed - Action Required Warns user to install the replication service.
Warning: Replication data receive is off at server 'SERVER NAME'. The server will not receive updates until the slave is started again. Contact your IT admin to run the SQL command START SLAVE. All Replication Monitor Warning Warns user that replication is having errors.
No recalls have been sent in the past 3 days. Please check your Web Sched setup or contact support. eServices Web Sched Recalls Not Sending Warns user that Web Sched Recall messages have not been sent in three days. Verify Web Sched setup or contact Open Dental Support for assistance.
N/A Clinic Has Gone Over Daily Max Message Limit for TenDlc
Automated messaging has been halted for eReminders eServices Invalid Automated Messaging Tags Detected - AddToCalendar Warns user that the [AddToCalendar] tag is in use with an eReminder when eConfirmations are not in use. Remove [AddToCalendar] tag from automated messaging rules or sign up for eConfirmations. eConfirmations are required in order to use the [AddToCalendar] tag.
Signature Cleared: Procedure Note Change with PatNum: 59 Date: 11/07/2023 Code: D6740 Procedure or Group Note's Signature Cleared Signature Cleared Warns user that a procedure note or group note signature has been cleared by another user. Manually replace signature.