Audit Trail Permissions

In Audit Trail, there is a list of Permissions.

Refer to the table below for details about each permission and its behavior.

Permission Event
Accounting Accessed Accounting.
AccountingCreate Accounting entry was created.
AccountingEdit Accounting entry was edited.
AccountModule Accessed the Account Module. Logged as AccountModuleViewed in the Audit Trail
AccountProcsQuickAdd Show the Quick Procs tool button in the Account module toolbar. If this permission is added or removed, restart Open Dental for it to take effect.
AddNewUser New user added in User Edit.
AdjustmentCreate Created an Adjustment.
AdjustmentEdit Adjustment was edited.
Advertising A patient list was generated and uploaded to Advertising Postcards.
AgingRan Aging was run.
ApiSubscription A subscription was created, updated, or deleted via the API.
AppointmentCompleteDelete Completed appointment was deleted.
AppointmentCompleteEdit Completed appointment was edited.
AppointmentCreate New appointment was created.
AppointmentDelete Scheduled appointment was deleted.
AppointmentEdit Scheduled appointment was edited or Broken.
AppointmentMove Scheduled or completed appointment was moved to new operatories or to the Unscheduled List.
AppointmentTypeEdit Existing or Appointment Type was edited
ApptConfirmStatusEdit Appointment Confirmation Status was edited.
AuditTrail Accessed the Audit Trail.
AutoNoteQuickNoteEdit Created Auto Notes and QuickPaste Notes.
Backup Accessed Backups.
Billing Accessed Billing.
Blockouts Blockout was added, edited, deleted, cut, copied, pasted, or cleared.
CarrierCreate Created Carriers.
CarrierEdit Carrier was edited.
ChartModule Accessed the Chart Module. Logged as ChartModuleViewed in the Audit Trail.
ChooseDatabase Accessed the Choose Database window.
ClaimDelete Deleted a Claim or Preauthorization.
ClaimEdit A claim or preauthorization was created, cancelled, or saved.
ClaimProcClaimAttachedProvEdit Edited providers on Claim Procedures that are attached to a claim.
ClaimSend Printed or sent a claim or preauthorization.
ClaimSentEdit Edited claim or preauthorization that has already been sent.
ClinicEdit Clinic details were edited or a Clinic was added to or clinicsetup .xml.
CommandQuery Ran SQL commands (non-SELECT statements) on normal tables in the User Query window.
CommlogCreate Commlog was created.
CommlogEdit Commlog was edited.
CreditCardEdit Any field was changed in the Credit Card Edit window.
CreditCardMove Credit card was moved from one patient to another. Makes a log for both patients.
CreditCardTerminal A credit card transaction was started on a credit card terminal but failed to process due to an error.
DefEdit Edited Definitions.
DepositSlips Edited DepositSlips.
DiscountPlanAdd Discount plan was created.
DiscountPlanAddDrop Discount plan was added to or dropped from a patient's account.
DiscountPlanEdit Discount plan information was edited (adjustment type, fee schedule, description, plan note, annual max, frequency limitations).
DiscountPlanMerge Discount plans were merged together.
EHRMeasureEventEdit Edited the date of an EHR measure event (action that affects an EHR numerator).
EmailSend Email Message Edit was sent.
EmployerCreate Employer was created.
EServicesSetup Edited settings on the eServices Setup. The eConnector is only monitored when a user with this permission is logged on. Logs an entry in the Audit Trail when the eConnector is installed for the first time.
FamAgingTruncate Occurs when the family aging table was truncated.
FamilyModule Accessed the Family Module. Logged as FamilyModuleViewed in the Audit Trail.
FeeSchedEdit Edited details of existing Fee Schedules or created a new fee schedule.
GraphicalReportSetup Setup or edited Graphic Reports.
GraphicsEdit Accessed and changed Graphics Preferences.
GraphicsRemoteEdit User changed graphical settings for another workstation.
ImageCreate Image or Mount was created.
ImageDelete Image or Mount was deleted.
ImageEdit Document was created, moved, or edited.
ImageExport Exported an image.
ImagingModule Accessed the Imaging Module. Logged as ImagingModuleViewed in the Audit Trail.
InsCarrierCombine Combine Carriers.
InsPayCreate Received a Claim, Finalize Insurance Payment, created a Batch Insurance Payment, accessed ERAs window, received ERA, or ERA window closed.
InsPayEdit Edited received procedures, finalized payments, and payment details on a batch insurance payment.
InsPlanAddPat Patient was added to an insurance plan.
InsPlanChangeAssign Changed the Assignment of Benefits setting on the Edit Insurance Plan window. Changed Insurance plans default to assignment of benefits preference.
InsPlanChangeCarrierName Changed insurance carrier name via the Edit Insurance Plan window.
InsPlanChangeSubsc Changed the subscriber on the Edit Insurance Plan window or use the Move Subscribers tool.
InsPlanCreate Insurance plan was created during import of an 834.
InsPlanCreateSub Insurance plan subscriber was created during import of an 834.
InsPlanDropPat Patient was dropped from an insurance plan during import of an 834.
InsPlanEdit Edited Insurance Plan information, Benefit Information, and Discount Plans. Logs an entry when insurance plan information is edited during import of an 834. Logs an entry when insurance is dropped.
InsPlanEditSub Insurance plan subscriber was edited during import of an 834.
InsPlanMerge Combine Insurance Plans
LogFeeEdit Fees edited.
LogDoseSpotMedicationNoteEdit Medication notes for a patient were automatically reduced in order to send the note to DoseSpot eRx.
MedicalInfoViewed MedicalWindow was viewed.
MedicationMerge Accessed the Merge Medicationstool.
OrthoChartEditFull Edited any Ortho Chart dated entry.
PatAllergyListEdit Allergies were added, changed or removed.
  • Changed the setting of the Appointment scheduling is restricted checkbox.
  • Appointment scheduling is restricted was altered by Automation.
  • Appointment scheduling is restricted was altered when sending a patient to collections via TSI.
PatientBillingEdit Changed a patient's billing type on the Edit Patient Information.
PatientCreate New patient was added.
PatientDOBView Viewed full patient birthdate in the Family Module, Select Patient window, and Edit Patient Information window. Only logged when the Mask patient date of birth preference is enabled.
PatientEdit Patient information was edited during import of an 834, when patient was moved to a different family, when a patient is moved to or from a Super Family, when a patient opts in or out of text messaging, or when patient information (patient name, status, address, or state) was changed and saved. See also ERAs .
PatientFieldEdit Patient Fields was edited.
PatientMerge Accessed the Merge Patients tool.
PatientSSNView Viewed full patient SSN number in the Family Module, Select Patient window, and Edit Patient Information window. Only logged when the Mask Patient Social Security Numbers preference is enabled.
PatMedicationListEdit Medications are added, changed or removed.
PatPlanCreate Patient insurance plan was created.
PatPriProvEdit Changed a patient's primary provider on the Edit Patient Information window or via the Provider List.
PatProblemListEdit Problems are added, changed or removed.
PaymentCreate Entered patient payment or created an Income Transfer.
PaymentEdit Edited patient payment.
PayPlanEdit Created, edited, closed, or deleted Payment Plan.
PayPlanChargeDateEdit Viewed, edited, or deleted a Payment Plan charge on plans with APR. Logs an entry if the user has the Pay Plan Charge Date Edit security permission.
PerioEdit Perio Exam was added, deleted, or copied.
Printing Report, Progress Notes, Sheet, List, etc. was printed.
ProblemDefEdit Added, edited, or deleted a problem in the Problem List.
ProcCodeEdit Added or edited procedure codes from Lists, Procedure Codes.
ProcComplCreate Appointments or individual procedures complete set complete. Set Appointment Complete.
ProcComplEdit Edited procedures with a status of complete (C), existing - other provider (EO), or existing - current provider (EC).
ProcCompleteStatusEdit Changed the status of a completed procedure or deleted the completed procedure.
ProcDelete Deleted non-completed procedures and edit attached Procedure Notes and Procedure Group Note.
ProcEdit Procedure was flagged as CPOE.
ProcExistingEdit Edited a procedure with a status of Existing Other (EO) or Existing Current (EC).
ProcFeeEdit Changes made to ProcedureCode fees.
ProtectedLeaveAdjustmentEdit A timecard adjustment marked as Protected Leave was created, edited, or deleted.
ProviderAdd A provider was added.
ProviderEdit The Provider Setup window was opened or provider information was edited.
ProviderMerge Accessed the Merge Providers tool.
QueryMonitor The Query Monitor was opened.
RecallEdit Created entry in Audit Trail when a recall type was created, edited, or deleted. Tracks when Undo tool is ran in Recall List.
RefAttachAdd Attached Referrals to patients.
RefAttachDelete Detached Referrals from patients.
ReferralAdd Added a referral to the main Referrals List.
ReferralEdit Edited or deleted a referral in the main Referral List.
ReferralMerge Accessed the Merge Referrals tool.
RegistrationKeyCreate Used by Open Dental HQ Only.
RegistrationKeyEdit Used by Open Dental HQ Only.
RepeatChargeCreate A Repeating Charge was created.
RepeatChargeDelete A Repeating Charge was deleted.
RepeatChargeTool Repeating Charges was run.
RepeatChargeUpdate A Repeating Charge was updated.
ReplicationSetup Accessed Replication setup.
Reports Accessed Standard Reports. To grant or block access by individual report, see Report Setup: Security Permissions.
RequiredFields Information was not completed in a Required Field and the user clicks OK.
RxCreate Created prescriptions.
RxEdit Edited, deleted, or printed prescriptions.
RxMerge Merge duplicate prescriptions.
SalesTaxAdjEdit Sales Tax Adjustment edited.
Schedules Provider and employee Schedules edited.
SecurityAdmin Changes made to security permissions.
SecurityGlobal Changes made to the Global Lock Dates in Global Security Settings.
Setup "Setup" Permission.
ShowFeatures Show Features.
SplitCreatePastLockDate Added new Pay Splits for payments created before the Global Lock Date. Does not allow editing or deleting of existing payments. The sum of all splits must equal the payment amount.
SupplementalBackup A supplemental backup was created.
SupplyPurchases A Supply Order was added, placed, or deleted.
TaskDelete Deleted a task or task note.
TaskEdit Edited Task description.
TaskListCreate Created a Task List.
TaskNoteEdit Edited or deleted task notes.
TaskReminderPopup A reminder task popped up for a user.
TimeAdjustEdit A time card adjustment was added, edited, or deleted.
TimeCardDeleteEntry Deleted a time card entry.
TPModule Accessed the Treatment Plan Module. Logged as TreatmentPlanModuleViewed in the Audit Trail.
TreatPlanDiscountEdit Created or changed a procedure Discount in the Treatment Plan module or Procedure.
TreatPlanEdit Edited a saved Treatment Plan.
TreatPlanPresenterEdit Changed the presenter when Editing a Saved Treatment Plan.
UpdateInstall User checked for software updates from the Update window.
UserLogOnOff Users log on, log off, clock in, clock out, or close Open Dental.
UserQuery Run and change variables in released User Query.
WebChatEdit Used by Open Dental HQ Only.
WebMailDelete WebMail message deleted.
WebMailSend WebMail.
WebSchedRecallManualSend WebSchedRecall sent manually.