Use this window to process an ERA.

In the ERAs window, double-click on an ERA.

View ERA details, process ERAs, and finalize payment from this window. For instructions on processing ERAs, see ERA Workflow.

Payer/Payee Information

The top half of the window displays information about the payer (carrier) and payee (office/provider).

Raw Message: Opens the raw data of the electronic file sent by insurance. This is used for troubleshooting purposes.

Provider Adjustments

Provider adjustments will display if any exist. Double-click a row to open a simple window that can be used to copy text.

Claims Paid

All claims in the ERA are listed under Claims Paid. Double-click a claim to manually Verify and Enter Payment . Open Dental attempts to automatically match claims to the ERA, if a match is not found, users may see the ERA Claim Select window instead when double-clicking.


Right-click options:


A number of actions can be taken using the buttons at the bottom.

Finalize Payment

When every claim in the ERA is marked Received, click Finalize Payment.

  1. Most information will be auto-populated. Enter any other details if needed.
  2. Click OK to open the Insurance Payment window. Verify that the correct claims are attached and the amount is accurate.
  3. If payment is paid via a prepaid insurance card and XCharge (OpenEdge), Edge Express, PayConnect Window, or PaySimple is enabled, users will see the corresponding payment buttons. Click a button to process the payment. When the transaction is complete, the Edit Insurance Payment window will still be open and transaction details will show in the Note.
  4. Click OK again to finalize the payment.