Family Module

The Family Module is where basic patient and insurance information is entered and organized.

See our Family Module Playlist.

Family Toolbar

Family Members

Clones: Only visible when the Patient Clone feature is enabled in Show Features.

Super Family: Only visible when the Super Families feature is enabled in Show Features.

Add Insurance: Attach an insurance plan or view all insurance plans for the family.

Discount Plan: Click the button to add Discount Plans. Click the dropdown to drop an existing Discount Plan.

Patient Picture & Family Member List

The Patient Picture (if available) is displayed in the top-left.

The currently selected patient is highlighted in orange. To select a different family member, click their name. Double-click a family member from the list to open the Edit Patient Information for the patient.

Note: Patients manually set to Archived are shown in this list. Patients set to Archived due to a merge are not shown unless the merged patient is already selected.


Patient Recall information is displayed to the right of the Family Members grid. This area lists all recalls due and scheduled for the patient.

Displayed columns can be customized in Display Fields, FamilyRecallGrid. Double-click anywhere in the Recall area to open Recalls for Patient to edit recall details.

Patient Information

A summary of patient information. Double-click in the area to edit or enter information on the Edit Patient Information Window.

Customize which fields are shown here in Display Fields, PatientInformation. If Pat Fields are set to show, custom Patient Fields are displayed.

Double-clicking some cells may open a different area:

Patient Clones

This grid only shows when the selected patient has a Patient Clone. It lists the original patient and all associated clones.

Super Family

This grid only shows when the selected patient is part of a Super Family. It lists all Super Family members. Customize which fields are shown here in Display Fields, SuperFamily Grid Columns

Insurance Plans

The Insurance Plans area displays all insurance plans currently attached to the patient as active coverage. A nearly unlimited amount of plans can be attached (primary, secondary, tertiary, primary medical, secondary medical, etc.) Change the background color of Subscriber information in Definitions, Misc Colors. Double-click on any plan to open Edit Insurance Plan to view details or make changes.

Double-click on the history grid below the plan details to open Insurance History.

To view all plans associated with a family, click the Add Insurance dropdown menu, then click Plans for Family.

Double-click a plan to see more details. Dropped insurance plans never get deleted and are always available here for reference.

Discount Plans

This area replaces the Insurance Plans area when a Discount Plan has been attached to the patient. Double-click the plan to open Discount Plan Subscriber Edit, or change or drop the plan.