Clinic List

Use the Clinics list to view clinics, move patients between clinics, or add new clinics.

In the Main Menu, click Lists, Clinics.

All Clinics that have been added show in the Clinics list. The list of clinics can be reordered and patients can be moved from one clinic to another.

Show Hidden: Check/uncheck to display/hide hidden clinics in the Clinics list.

Clinics grid: Lists added Clinics. Hidden Clinics are displayed depending on the Show Hidden checkbox.

Move Patients: Reassign patients to another Clinic.

  1. Highlight the Clinic from which patients are being moved (e.g., the current clinic).
  2. Click [...]to select the Clinic to which the patients are to be moved (i.e., the new clinic).
  3. Click Move.
  4. A confirmation message is shown. Click OK to move the patients.
  5. A message indicates when the move is complete. Click Done to close. The patient count for the Clinic chosen in step one should now be zero.

Clinic Order: The order of clinics in the Clinics list affects the order in other dropdowns throughout the program. By default, clinics are sorted in the order they are created.

Select All: Highlights all Clinics in the grid

Select None: If any Clinics are currently highlighted in the grid, removes the selection.