Clinic List

In the Main Menu, click Lists, Clinics.

All Clinics that are currently set up show in the Clinics list. From here you can enter contact information, specialties, payment and billing addresses, and default providers. You can also reorder the list of clinics, or move patients from one clinic to another.

Show Hidden: Check/uncheck to display/hide hidden clinics in the Clinics list.

Pat Count: Number of patients assigned to a clinic. Counts patients who have a status of patient, inactive, or prospective.

Note: When patients or employees do not have a clinic assignment, they will default to the Headquarters clinic.

Add or Edit a Clinic

  1. On the Clinics window, click Add or double click an existing clinic to open the Clinic.
  2. Enter the clinic information.
  3. Click OK to save.

Reorder Clinics

The order of clinics in the Clinics list affects the order in other dropdowns throughout the program. By default clinics are sorted in the order they are created.

Order Alphabetical: Check this box to automatically sort the clinics in alphabetical order. This will also disable the up/down buttons. Any new clinics will also be automatically sorted alphabetically.

To manually reorder clinics:

  1. Uncheck Order Alphabetical.
  2. Highlight a clinic.
  3. Click the Up/Down arrows to move it up or down in the list.

Hide a Clinic

Hiding a clinic removes it as a selection option in various dropdowns throughout Open Dental.

  1. On the Clinics window, double click the clinic.
  2. Check Is Hidden.
  3. Click OK to save.

Note: When a user only has access to a single clinic, that clinic cannot be hidden until the user restriction is removed. See User Edit.

Move Patients to another Clinic

Use the Move Patients tool to reassign patients to another clinic.

  1. Highlight the clinic you want to remove patients from.
  2. In the Move Patients area, click [...], then select the clinic to move the patients to.
  3. Click Move. A confirmation message will show.
  4. Click OK to move the patients.
  5. A message will indicate when the move is complete. Click Done to close.