Email Message Edit

Emails can be sent to patients directly from the Open Dental program.

In the Main Toolbar, click Email.


For sent or received emails, only Show Email options (see below) can be edited. Some areas (e.g., Templates, Autographs) and options (e.g., Edit Text, Send) may be hidden.

Edit Template

To insert Email Templates, select it and click Insert. The template's subject and message will replace any existing text (including autographs) and associated attachments will be added.

Email Autograph

Select an E-mail Autograph from the list and click Insert to add it to the end of the email. Plain Text Autographs are inserted automatically. Autographs with HTML formatting can only be added via the Email HTML Edit window.

If the From email address is associated to a Plain Text Autograph, it is added to the email automatically. If the From email address is associated with an HTML Autograph, the Autograph will be appended to the email when sending.

Email Addresses


Attach files to the email. Click Add an attachment. Users are prompted to locate and select the file.

If images and documents are stored in a local or network folder (see Data Paths Setup), a list of all images in the selected patient's A to Z Folder (i.e., OpenDentImages) on the local or network folder will display first. Locate the file and click Open to select it.

If images and documents are stored in Dropbox, a Select Files window opens listing all images in the selected patient's Dropbox A to Z folder.

Right-Click Options:

Note: Microsoft account users cannot send attachments that include file names with invalid characters. Invalid characters include spaces and the following: ; , ( ) [ ] { } % $ + ! * = & ? @ # ~ ' " " < > ` ^

Show Email

Select where in Open Dental an individual email will show or not show. To show the email in an area, highlight it. To hide the email in the area, deselect it. By default, all areas are selected.

To view emails that have been hidden in all areas, go to the Email Client and check Show Hidden Emails.

Subject and Body


Digital Signatures

If the Sig button or Signed By field displays, this email was sent using Encrypted Email. Click Sig to view signature details. This feature is now obsolete.