Import Patient Forms and Medical Histories

When a patient fills out a patient form or medical history via the Kiosk or Web Forms Feature, data entered into input fields, or in checkboxes/radio buttons associated with input fields, can be imported into the Open Dental database. See Patient Forms. The import process differs slightly depending on the sheet type.

Import a Patient Form (e.g. registration form)

  1. Select the patient, then click Forms in the Main Toolbar.
  2. Select the completed patient form, then click Import.

    This window is a review of information on the completed form. Always verify any data with the patient and make sure the correct rows are flagged before you import.

    • FieldName: The name of the field in the database and on the form.
    • Current Value: Shows a value if information already exists in Open Dental for this field.
    • Entered Value: What the patient entered on the form. If a value is in red bold text, it cannot be imported.
    • Import Value: What value, if any, Open Dental has determined should be imported. To change a value, double click on the cell.
    • Do Import: If an X appears, this field is marked for import. Single click on a cell to toggle the X on/off. When marked for import, the entire row will be grey.
    • Double Click to Pick: The import information is too complex for Open Dental to automatically translate. Double click in the cell to specify the information to import.
    • Insurance Policies: Only primary and secondary insurance policies can be imported, and the form must contain the following insurance fields:
      • Relationship
      • Subscriber
      • SubscriberID
      • CarrierName
      • CarrierPhone
    • Subscriber: You will always have to double click to select and verify. If the subscriber does not exist in Open Dental, you must cancel the import and add them.
    • Insurance Carrier Name and Phone: These rows will also require double clicking each time you import. However, new carriers can be added directly from the Carriers window, so you do not need to cancel the import. By default, the Carriers window will populate with the name and phone values entered by the patient.
  3. When you are ready, click Import again. A Done message will indicate when the import is complete.

New Insurance Plan: If a new insurance plan was flagged for import, the Insurance Plans will open, and the search filters will populate with the import values. This lets you verify the plan does not already exist.

Importing an insurance policy does not increase the order to secondary, tertiary, etc. A primary insurance import will overwrite primary insurance policies, and secondary insurance import will overwrite secondary insurance policies. For example, a patient has BCBS for primary insurance and they want to add a new Met Life policy as secondary. The new Met Life information must be entered into the secondary insurance fields on the form in order to be imported into the secondary insurance fields in Open Dental. If entered in the primary insurance fields, the import will overwrite the primary insurance instead (BCBS).

Import a Medical History

  1. Select the patient, then click Forms in the main Toolbar.
  2. Select the completed medical history form, then click Import.

    Medical history import values are represented by three states: yes, no and unknown. Empty columns represent unknown, or items which the patient left blank.

  3. To change import status, double click in the Import Value cell. If a patient enters new medications, you will always have to double click to select a value from the Medications List. By default, the medication entered by the patient will show in the Search box. Watch for misspellings, as the search will look for an exact match. Select the correct medication and it will appear in the FieldName column under Medications.
  4. When you are ready, click Import again. A Done message will indicate when the import is complete.

Medical history import logic:

New items will never import with an inactive status.