Credit Card Manage

In the Account Module, Main tab, click Credit Card Manage.

The Credit Card Manage window lists Credit/Debit Cards and checking/savings accounts on file for the patient. Card and account entries are automatically added here when you process a XCharge (OpenEdge), PayConnect Window, or PaySimple transaction and select Save Token.

When multiple payment processing programs are enabled, each account in the list indicates the program to be used to charge the card. The first 12 digits of each account are masked with X for cards and * for bank accounts.

Add: Add payment information without processing a payment. When you click add, if there is only one kind of credit card processing program enabled, then it will continue directly to payment information. If multiple kinds of processing programs are enabled, then it will prompt you to select one from a list.
XCharge Add Card
PayConnect Add Card
PaySimple Add Card

Double-click an added card or account to Authorize Recurring Charges.

Move To Pat: Move a card or bank account to a different patient.

  1. Highlight the card or bank account.
  2. Click Move to Pat.
  3. A verification message will show. Click OK, then select the new patient.

Up/Down: To reorder the list, highlight a card or bank account, then click the Up/Down arrows. The order of cards and accounts in the list determines the order in the Credit Card dropdown on the Payment window.

Close: Close the window.