Ortho Chart

The Ortho Chart can be used to keep track of orthodontic visits in a grid format.

In the Chart Module toolbar, click Ortho Chart.

The information in this window is completely separate from information in the regular patient chart. The Ortho Chart can also be adapted for other purposes unrelated to orthodontics.

Setup: See Ortho Chart Setup.

See our webinar: Ortho Chart

Patient Fields

The information that displays in the Patient Fields grid is determined by Patient Fields created by the office. Double-click a field to enter a value.

Ortho Info

The Ortho Info grid displays patient Auto Ortho information. Only shows if Show Auto Ortho information in the ortho chart is enabled Ortho Setup.

User / Signature

The User and Signature information displays if a signature column has been added to a tab.

Ortho Chart

The Ortho chart is customizable based on Ortho Chart Setup.

Ortho Chart Locking

Ortho Charts can only be edited by one user at a time. By default, the Locked by note will display at the bottom with the current user allowed to make edits.

If an Ortho Chart is in use by another user, the current user will be prompted with a warning before the Ortho Chart will open.

Take Control: If the Ortho Chart is locked by another user, the Take Control button will display and other buttons will be hidden. The user cannot make edits until they click this button to take over editing.

When a user takes control from another user, the current controller's work will be saved and can be seen by the new controller.