Web Forms Retrieve

In the Main Menu, click Tools, Web Forms.

When staff retrieves a Web Form, it is matched to a patient and viewable in the patient's Chart Module and Patient Forms. Up to 20 web forms can be retrieved at one time.

See our video on Mobile Web Forms: Web Forms Tutorial.

All web forms that have already been retrieved, for the date range, are listed.

Click Retrieve New Forms.

If a match is not made, you will be prompted to pick a patient.

The submitted last name, first name, and birthdate show at the top.

To import data from a patient form or medication history into the database, see Import Patient Forms and Medical Histories.

Technical Details

Open Dental uses the following logic to match retrieved web forms to patients.

Web forms that are successfully received are permanently deleted from the Open Dental web server. If a duplicate patient is created, see Merge Patients.

To restore a web form that was deleted from a patient's chart, double click it. Click Restore at the bottom of the form.