Procedure Group Note

A group note is a single clinical note made for multiple procedures completed on the same day, by the same provider.

In the Chart Module, press Ctrl and highlight multiple procedures. Right-click and select Group Note.

A Group Note will show in the Progress Notes section of the Chart Module after the last associated procedure it is associated to.

The group note is stored in the database as a procedure.

Procedure Date: Date of the selected procedures. Field is read only. To change the procedure date, see Edit Procedure.

Date Entry: Date the group note was entered (created). Auto-generates today's date for new group notes. Field is read only.

User: The user tied to the electronic signature. By default it will be the logged-on user. To override, click [...] and enter log on credentials.

Auto Note: Select and complete Auto Notes.

Notes: Enter the group note. If attached procedures have default procedure notes, they will be combined into one group note and appear in the Notes text box. This behavior can be changed in Preferences, When greating a Group Note, aggregate procedure notes.

Signature/Initials: Electronically sign the note. The signature will be tied to the user listed above the notes area. If a note is edited later, the signature will be cleared. See Electronic Signatures. Enable the Preference Block procedure note signatures when there are uncompleted auto note prompts to prevent users from signing group notes with incomplete auto notes.

Procedures: The procedures attached to this group note. The columns that display can be customized in Display Fields.

Aggregate Group Notes

Aggregate Group notes allow you to create a group note that pulls in procedure notes started on individual procedures. The preference is enabled from Preferences by enabling When creating a Group Note, aggregate procedure notes.

When the preference is enabled and group note is created:

See our video: QuickTip: Using Aggregate Procedure Notes.

Invalidated Group Notes

These are created if you have turned on Procedure Lock, which is not recommended. Invalidated group notes cannot be deleted.