Break Appointment

Track missed or cancelled appointments by breaking them.

In the Appointments Module, select the appointment. In the toolbar, click Break.


Broken appointments are crossed out.

Broken Appointment Options

If the Broken appointment procedure type in Preferences is set to anything other than None, when breaking an appointment using the toolbar, or Edit Appointment dropdown, the Broken Appt Options window opens.

Broken Procedure Type: Select the type of procedure code to apply to the broken appointment. Enabled options are determined by the Broken appointment procedure type preference.

Note: To use broken appointment options, the missed (D9986) or cancelled (D9987) appointment procedures must already exist. Some users (e.g., foreign users) may not have them in the database by default and they must be added manually. See Add Procedure Code.

After selecting a Broken Procedure Type, choose one of the buttons to finish breaking the appointment.

If breaking an appointment by right-clicking, options vary depending on the selected Broken appointment procedure type preference.

It is recommended to handle broken appointments before the end of day. Send them to the Unscheduled List, reschedule them, or delete them. Otherwise, incomplete appointments may get left in the Appointments Module.

If a Broken appointment procedure type is enabled in preferences, the Broken Appointment Procedure window appears first. See below for additional information on Broken Appointment Procedures.

If the preference, Make broken appointment adjustment, is enabled, the Adjustment Edit opens next.

If the preference, Make broken appointment commlog, is enabled, the Commlog window opens last.

Rescheduling Broken Appointments

If the preference, Force users to break scheduled appointments before rescheduling, is enabled, when moving an existing appointment the the Pinboard, there is a prompt to break the appointment.

Broken Appointment Procedures

The Broken Appointment Procedure window appears after selecting a Broken Procedure Type.

Use the Broken Appointments Report to view a list of broken appointments in a date range.


If TP prepayments are non-refundable is enabled in Allocations Setup, prepayments attached to procedures of a broken appointment are transferred to the D9986 (missed) procedure. If the broken appointment procedure amount is changed and is less than the value of the procedure and associated prepayment, the remaining balance of the treatment planned prepayment is transferred from Hidden Splits to the patient account as Unearned Income.

Completed appointments cannot be broken if procedures are attached and the Prevent changes to completed appointment with completed procedures preference is enabled.