Combine Carriers

In the Carriers window, on the right side, is a Combine button.

Combining insurance carriers in the Carriers List blends multiple insurance carriers into one. It is useful when multiple versions of the same carrier have been inadvertently created. This can happen when you update carrier information on the Edit Insurance Plan window instead of from the master list.

Caution: Combining carriers is irreversible. When you combine carriers, only one carrier's information will be retained. Any insurance plans with the other carriers are automatically assigned the new carrier.

To combine carriers:

  1. Highlight the carriers you want to combine.
  2. Click Combine.
  3. Click OK to proceed.
  4. Highlight the carrier that the others will be combined into (the carrier to keep).
  5. Click OK. If the carrier details differ, another warning message will show.
  6. Click Yes to proceed. Only the kept carrier will remain in the Carriers list.